Republican Rot – The GOP Plot to Defeat Ron Paul

What do you expect when the neo-cons run the Republican show. This is from the Free Market News Network, Corp., and it shows the lengths these conservatives-in-name-only will go to shut down the Ron Paul campaign. And to think some thought infantile snickering by smarmy candidates like Rudy Gulliani was the extent of neo-con tactics to destroy genuine conservatives who won’t play ball:


Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries. That means that only Republicans can vote in the Presidential primaries for a Republican candidate. Many states are doing this quickly and quietly and giving people very little time to learn about the new rules. For example, New Hampshire decided only a week ago that you will now have to change your party affiliation by October 12, 2007 or it will be too late to do so. New Hampshire also has a closed primary and only Republicans and possibly Independents will be allowed to vote for Ron Paul.

The moves of the GOP, and those behind the GOP, to thwart a possible Ron Paul victory nationwide are, in fact, astonishing – especially since, were Ron Paul were to win the nomination, he would be a considerable challenge to any major Democratic candidate and have a good chance to win the presidency.

What is happening in modern American politics, thanks to Ron Paul, is therefore unheard of, significant, extraordinary. The bosses of a major, American political party are apparently willing to do anything in terms of the electoral mechanism itself to defeat the candidate – their own candidate – who likely has the best chance of taking the White House.

Yes, it seems clear. The GOP – whose Old Guard core has been revealed to be as expansionistic and spendthrift as its Democratic “opponents” – would rather ensure Ron Paul’s defeat than win a national presidential election. The disconnect between the GOP, its former claim to the party of modest government and the people that support it is becoming a fissure, and, over time, a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon.

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One Comment on “Republican Rot – The GOP Plot to Defeat Ron Paul”

  1. Odale Says:

    Noticing this is an old post as I comment—I somehow was a latecomer to the sheer urgency and importance of this election and almost missed out by a few days!

    I wanted to let you know that you ‘salt your words with grace’ much better than I do! πŸ™‚ Admirable!

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