Brainless Film Making


There is a new documentary out dealing with abortion called, Lake of Fire, that shows

. . . a doctor sifting through a surgical tray after performing a late-term abortion, where the grisly residue of an arm, a foot and part of a face can be clearly made out.

The film’s director, British filmmaker Tony Kaye, said, “It’s about as shocking as any motion picture can ever get. It’s illegal to film someone being killed.”

So why isn’t Kaye along with the abortionist he filmed in jail?

Unbelievably the dissected baby is not the only thing that’s dead. The director said of his film, “My position on the subject is that I don’t really know what’s right. I didn’t know much in the beginning… and at the end I was just as confused.”


Maybe he can do a documentary on the hopelessly brain dead next.

Or, maybe he can just apply my friend Eric’s “moral ambiguity test”:

If the film arrives at any conclusion it is neatly summed up by Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz when he says: “Everybody is right when it comes to the issue of abortion exterminating the Jews.”

“In the end human beings have to decide. In the end each of us has to decide using whatever resources we have available to us: religion, our mind, our sense of what is right and wrong in society,” he adds.

Do you still agree? No? Then it’s immoral. There…that was easy.

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