The FV Welcome Wagon

Mark T over at Federal Schismo (or whatever he’s calling his site now) has provide another insightful send up for those who still might be struggling to understand the inner workings of the Federal Vision. This time his alter ego and bad self, DaFezSez, makes a tantalizing and tempting offer for Mark to give up his opposition to the FV and join their new priesthood in “Agree That You Might Understand.”

For those who have perused some of the FV men’s websites I thought this enticing offer was particularly tempting:

Your own sacerdotal garment and minister’s uniform designer. No aspiring visialogue is complete without a dog collar and an extensive wardrobe of polyester robes, sashes, and what we affectionately call the pointy hat. These garments have the magical power to add gravitas and divert attention away from even the worst goatee or otherwise total lack of physique. They also instantly transform tedious self-contradictory revisionist goobledegook into liturgical masterpieces. Nothing says, “I’m #1 around here and you aren’t,” like FV couture.

And, for those doubters out there, here’s a picture of PCA FV master of ceremonies, Steve Wilkins, from his church website admittedly a bit underdressed. Must have been casual Fridays.


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