FV Attack Dogs

rabid_dog_small.jpgBob Mattes over at Reformed Musings has been nipped at lately by one of Doug Wilson’s attack dogs (not sure of the breed, but I have provided a picture so maybe someone can identify it for me). Typical silly stuff from Wilson and his clan of Muscovite monkey boys.

Mattes wrote a piece providing some sage advice for the members of the Louisiana Presbytery that if any were going along just to get along, now was probably a good time to stop protecting the FV master of ceremonies, Steve Wilkins. Mattes gives his advice by providing a little morality play from his own life with the message, “one should be careful not to be loyal to the wrong people.” From this, Wilson’s personal assistant, Mike Lawyer (pictured above), publicly accused Mattes of coercion and “manipulating a young airman to change his testimony so that the leader can have his way.” Lawyer spits, “This post was just sick. It is immoral. It is an outrage against all that is decent and just and right and particularly holy.” Oh my. Now, for anyone who takes the time to actually read Mattes’ little story above, they will see that Lawyer’s charge is just stupid.

The point of all this is, like cornered animals suffering with advanced distemper, Wilson & Co. do see the writing on the wall and the advancement of their aberrant and deadly theology in the PCA through the likes of his friends Steve Wilkins, Peter Leithart and others is coming to the end. What else can they do but bite? Expect a lot more of this in the weeks to come. It’s going to get a lot uglier. Wilson is just getting started and for more of a taste of things to come, check out his blog.

The one real blessing is that more and more FV men are making themselves known simply because the pressure is starting to build. The ship is sinking and the rats need a place to go. Anyone interested should spend some time looking through the comments section over at Green Baggin(es). Hey, I even see local VA Beach Asst. Pastor Ken Christian still whining about the fact that no one seems to want to call poor pastor Wilkins. He even said “dude” in good Beach form. I guess all those transcripts and tapes from Wilkins’ FV pastor’s conferences, not to mention his published pieces and testimonies to the LA Pres weren’t enough. If we could only just sit down and rap about it, then maybe we’ll all see that the soul destroying heresies of men like Wilkins and Wilson are really just cool new ways of looking at justification. Got it, dude.

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