Flavors of Fascism

In May 2006 I delivered a lecture called “The Religious Wars of the 21st Century.” You can read it at The Trinity Foundation website. Since then someone has coined the term “Islamofascism” to refer to violent Muslims, but others have objected to this term, asserting that Islam is a religion of peace. Of course it is not.

It is important to recognize, however, that Judaism and Romanism are not religions of peace either. All three are violent, medieval religions that have re-emerged in the modern world and are at war with each other. Their long history of violence, aggression, and war is plain for those who are willing to read. If we refer to Islamofascism, we ought also to refer to Judeofascism, and Romanofascism. That would make it clear that Islam alone cannot be blamed for the coming world wars.

Christians are no part of this struggle, for neither Romanism, nor Judaism, nor Islam is Christianity. But the United States has become involved, because of the influence of not only the Neocons, who favor Israel and Judaism, but also the National Review conservatives, who favor the Vatican and Roman Catholicism. Both the Neocons and the Buckleyites — whose loyalty is not to the United States or the U. S. Constitution, but to a foreign nation: Israel or the Vatican — constantly beat the drums for war, in print and on radio and television, trying to get the United States to carry out the aggressive foreign policy plans of Israel and the Vatican. Apparently disappointed that they could not provoke a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, the Neocons and Buckleyites are determined to do so with Islam and the Islamic states.

John Robbins

November 28, 2007

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One Comment on “Flavors of Fascism”

  1. timharris Says:

    I appreciate your expanding the pejorative “fascist” to other harmful groups besides Muhommedans. However, absent a prior and clear definition of the term, this contribution will still be unhelpful. For too many people, “fascist” simply seems to mean, “a meany that would be willing to kill people and whom I hate.” It was the Communists that began this. Everyone not towing the party line was a “fascist.”

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