Perfect Gift for the Holy Days

notreformed.jpg While you’re sitting around the fire this Christ-Mass season waiting for the annual invocation of Latin gibberish from big papa in Rome, why don’t you snuggle up to free copy of Not Reformed At All from our friends at Trinity Foundation. This is a book John Robbins and I wrote exposing the latent Romanism springing up within P&R denominations and that man who would be pope, Doug Wilson.

During December 2007 and January 2008 The Trinity Foundation will give one (1) free copy of the book “Not Reformed at All: Medievalism in ‘Reformed’ Churches to everyone who requests it in writing (emails are acceptable) and provides a U. S. address for delivery.

“Not Reformed at All” is the only book-length response to Douglas Wilson’s book, “Reformed Is Not Enough,” in which he sets forth his anti-Biblical theology of the church, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the covenant, justification, and salvation. Wilson’s Antichristian theology has led many away from the Gospel and some to Roman Catholicism.

One of Wilson’s converts to Romanism has recently written: “Having been myself a member of both a Federal Vision community [Wilson’s Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho]…and a non-FV reformed community…, and now a communing Catholic, …I still keep up on the matter…because the ideas of the preachers of the FV movement were largely the ideas that lead [sic] me into the Catholic Church…. It is with great comfort that I now rest in the bosom of the true Jerusalem Above, the Mother of us all, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, and it with a great sense of gratitude to the FV communities, Christ Church and Rev. Wilson in particular, for showing me the road of the sacramental life that eventually lead [sic] me there…. The ranks of Catholics from FV origins is growing by the day.”

Additional copies of “Not Reformed at All” are available for $5.00 each, postpaid. This free book offer is good for the first 500 copies requested.

Tom Juodaitis
The Trinity Foundation
Post Office 68, Unicoi, Tennessee 37692

Louis De Boer, Editor, American Presbyterian Press, had this to say about the book:

This book is a significant achievement. I recently purchased a copy of Wilson’s book [Reformed is Not Enough] to read for myself what he had to say. I got less than half way through it, and it left me totally confused as to what Wilson actually believes. I found it a confusing, contradictory, vague work, where Wilson desperately attempts to sound Reformed and orthodox, all the while making statements and suggestions that undermine what he has just professed. Robbins and Gerety have unerringly been able to go to the heart of the matter, cut through the confusing doubletalk, define what Wilson means by the terms he uses, and systematically demonstrate what he is actually teaching. And once they have focused in on his beliefs, they annihilate them from Scripture and Confession. Wilson’s bluff, that his position is both the Scriptural and Confessional one, is called and shown to be fraudulent in the extreme.

Doug Wilson said of the book:


While I can’t guarantee Trinity Foundation will be able to deliver your free copy before that warm glow of the papal season has completely sucked your wallets dry, this book couldn’t be more timely as the Federal Visionists are finally starting to feel some heat for teaching their aberrant doctrine of salvation by faith and works and they’re starting to bite back. You better act fast since they’re only giving away 500 free copies (more than enough I would imagine for every member of the Louisiana Presbytery).

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