Post of the Year . . . And It’s Only January!

conspirators.jpg Mark T. over at Federal Schism has done it again! Please take some time and carefully comb through what the Federal Vision conspirators have to say when they think no one is watching. Men (and that’s being kind) like Steve Wilkins, John Barach, Jeff Meyers, Jeffrey H. Steel, Mark Horne, Tim Gallant, Rich Lusk, Doug Wilson, and James Jordan.

This is very revealing and incriminating stuff. I suggest copying the post itself (not just the link) and send it to everyone you know who might even be remotely interested in the machinations of these FV dogs.

I confess that I’ve always shied away from conspiracy theories, but this is no theory. Of course, after reading Paul Elliot’s powerful Christianity and NeoLiberalism and witnessing all the political maneuvering by the FV men prior to the GA vote on the PCA FV committee report, I shouldn’t be surprised. This stuff is par for the course.

Mark titled the piece Bag o’ Snakes and he couldn’t be more right. Read it while you still can.

. . . do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them . . . .

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5 Comments on “Post of the Year . . . And It’s Only January!”

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  2. timharris Says:

    For me, the most shocking comment in the thread is one that has not attracted notice:

    “If this RC chick [Flannery O’Connor] is not in heaven, I don’t want to be there.”

  3. Machaira Says:

    The “RC chick” comment caught my attentention too – among alot of other things. That entire list reads like a guide to how office bearers should not behave.

  4. timharris Says:

    Next, it seems disingenuous when Horne says, “Basically, not only is Thornwell right, but anyone who disagrees is an enemy of the Gospel. Wright is the paper target but Hodge is the intended victim” since these guys are far from Hodge on the actual working of the sacraments. I guess the idea is to cut and paste any sentence from any Reformed theologian that partially supports one’s hybrid theology at a single point, and in composition claim “see we are in line with Hodge/Calvin/(etc fill in the blank).”

  5. John Bradshaw Says:

    “these FV dogs” seems to light a phrase to use after reading their filth on the link. “grievous wolves” Paul called such.

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