Monetary Policy 101

If you have some time you might enjoy this little lesson in monetary policy. It runs about 40 minutes and gives insight into how those in government — Republicans and Democrats –have been raping us. No question most people have a sense that something is wrong, but few know why. Here is the why.

Everyone expects to be robbed by the socialists calling themselves “Democrats,” but this is something you’re not even going to hear from the crop of crooks running for office from either Party. And, don’t expect Republican party shills like Sean Hannity to tell you either. OK, maybe from Republican Ron Paul, but this will give you some idea why the statists and fascists in the Republican party and Fox News keep trying to marginalize Paul and paint him as a kook. Men like Paul are a real threat to those in power since he has been exposing their dirty little secret, and, even more terrifying, people are listening.

Sit back, load your gun, take your blood pressure meds, and enjoy.

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2 Comments on “Monetary Policy 101”

  1. brandon Says:

    Great video, I think they did a good job making the mess understandable to everyone. I wish the Mises Institute would produce more videos.

  2. justbybelief Says:

    The book ‘Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin is excellent. It explains the whole mess and goes into the history too.

    Yes! Finally someone said it, Hannity, as well as Limbaugh, are swine. And, maybe, that word is too generous.

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