Second Paul Chief of Staff Names Rockwell

The following is from the Reason Magazine “Hit and Run” blog site.

Now we have a former and the current Paul Chief of Staff identifying Lew Rockwell as the one responsible for the racist Ron Paul newsletters. Evidently Paul himself was set to name names until the campaign pulled the plug.

Funny how that worked.

David Weigel | January 17, 2008, 7:33pm

I just had a conversation with Tom Lizardo, Ron Paul’s longtime congressional chief of staff, who wanted to say this on the record:

Last week, a statement was prepared by Ron Paul’s press secretary Jesse Benton, and approved by Ron Paul, acknowledging Lew Rockwell as having a role in the newsletters. The statement was squashed by campaign chairman Kent Snyder.

I’ve called the Paul campaign to see what, exactly, the statement said.

UPDATE, 7:53: Jesse Benton responds:

I respect Tom Lizardo, but he does not work for the campaign and has no authority to comment on campaign business.

Yesterday Julian Sanchez and I published our own findings on Rockwell.

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