McHillary and Conservative Folly

mchillary.jpg Riding to work while listening to talk radio this morning, I was once again struck by how stupid Conservatives have become now that they’ve been bought and sold and incorporated into the Republican establishment thanks to men like King George and Carl Rove. I listened as a number of Republicans, all claiming to be good Reagan Conservatives, were calling in urging Republicans voters in open primary states to vote for Obama this coming Tuesday in order to stop Hillary from becoming the Democrat’s nominee.

ARE THEY NUTS! Conservatives should not only hope and pray Hillary is the nominee, but that she cleans McCain’s clock in November.

The rationale given by these callers is that they hate Hillary so much that the thought of her becoming president is simply intolerable. Underlying this ill advised and irrational strategy built on emotion, is the belief that in all likelihood the Democrats will win the White House. Well, they’re right. The Democrats will win the White House in November. However, the argument given is that Obama is somehow less offensive than Hillary.

But, that is exactly why we need Hillary.

Given the choice Hillary Clinton is the one who has the best chance of reviving whatever is left of the old Conservative movement that grew on the heels of Barry Goldwater failed bid for the presidency. Thanks to eight years of George W. Conservatives today look like a bunch of drunken convention hall hookers forced to sit in the back of the GOP hoping someone might look their way.

As far as I can tell, the only one who seems to have it half right is Anne Coulter who said that if McCain is the nominee she would work for Hillary. Coulter’s argument is that she always votes “for the more conservative candidate” and that’s why Hillary is her man. Of course it’s not true that Hillary would be more conservative. Rather, she would just be less socialistic. That is not a good enough reason for Conservatives to vote for Hillary. They should vote for Hillary precisely because she is so divisive and elicits so much hatred among conservatives and other rank and file Republicans.

Electing Hillary would be like having Ted Kennedy in the White House. They both have great name recognition, long records, and stellar reputations as being shrill, smarmy, Liberal socialists. A Hillary presidency would give Conservatives the means by which they could once again rally the troops while trying to remember why they got into politics in the first place.  Given eight years of George Bush and now with McCain on the horizon, it seems that many Conservatives have forgotten that we are not foot soldiers for the Republican party and corporate welfare.  The party is the vehicle by which we achieve our agenda of minimal government, sound money and a return to liberty.

However, what most Conservatives fail to see, especially given the present alternatives, is that Hillary would be a net plus for the Conservative movement and the country. Having Hillary in the White House will force Republicans in Congress to once again act like, well, Republicans. Plus, the natural disgust most conservatives feel toward Hillary could very well be the impetus to rebuild a movement that has been completely co-opted by moderates and statists in the Republican party. Moderates and statists like George Bush.

Frankly, nothing has been more sickening than to see otherwise normally conservative Republicans hailing and defending Republican brand socialism with things like “No Child Left Behind” and “Prescription Meds for Seniors.” It has been a nauseating eight years. But, make no mistake, as bad as it has been for Conservatives under Bush, it will be nothing compared to four, or, God forbid, eight years of John McCain.

What most Conservatives don’t realize is that Hillary would have the net effect of driving moderate to liberal Republican to the right. This would effectively neutralize Hillary’s ability to grow government. Plus, she would once again energize outside Conservative groups that have been languishing or have flat out died under Bush.

On the other hand, McCain would not only continue to grow government in many of the same ways Hillary would, but he would have the ability to pull moderate and right leaning Republicans leftward while garnering virtually all of the Democrats. Under a McCain presidency not only would he not face any significant opposition from his many friends in the Democrat party, friends like Kennedy, Feingold, and Lieberman, but he would have the support of all liberal and moderate Republicans as well. He would also have the advantage of being able to punish any remaining conservatives in Congress that refuse to play along. The net result would be the size and scope of government will increase dramatically under a McCain presidency, whereas under Hillary not so much.

No matter how you slice it, a Hillary Clinton presidency would help revive whatever is left of the Conservative movement, whereas a John McCain presidency will be the movement’s death knell.

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4 Comments on “McHillary and Conservative Folly”

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  2. usuajg0 Says:

    Very interesting and well written. McCain has supported and sponsored a lot of liberal legislation. I am a Conservative and my values have not been represented in the last 16 years. Hilary has made a lot of promises. If she is elected, I wonder if liberals will care whether the promises are satisifed.

  3. magma2 Says:

    If she is elected, I wonder if liberals will care whether the promises are satisifed.

    They will be if McCain is elected. However, and probably like you, I don’t want liberals to be satisfied.

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