Lane Keister Exonerates Doug Wilson

The biggest development in recent weeks in the battle to stop the spread of the Federal Vision is the clean bill of health Lane Keister gave Doug Wilson after spending months on his blog reviewing Wilson’s Federal Vision manifesto, Reformed Is Not Enough (RINE).

I was recently struck while skimming through another blog by Wilson titled, Vipers in Diapers, where Wilson asserts: “[Keister] has not found anything that would place me outside the pale of Reformed orthodoxy . . . .”

Needless to say I was dumfounded when I first read this. It is unfathomable to me that any Christian man can read RINE and arrive at a conclusion other than Wilson is a very skilled false teacher who has replaced the gospel of Christ with a clever fraud. So, thinking that John Robbins and I must have reviewed a different book, I asked Lane if he agreed with Wilson’s assessment. I asked: Do you consider Wilson within the pale of Reformed (Christian) orthodoxy?

Here is Lane’s response:

My problem with Wilson lies in this: although Wilson says many things that are Reformed in a positive sense, he is not willing to reject the errors of the other FV proponents. Personally, I am willing to believe that Wilson holds to justification by faith alone, although he is too ambiguous on the aliveness of faith and its place in justification. He does hold to imputation. But he will not distance himself from any error of the FV, no matter how egregious. That is why, if Wilson were to apply for admission into the Presbytery of which I am a part, I could not vote to approve his transfer of credentials. What I have sought to show is that it is not enough to affirm the truth. One must also reject the errors. This is equally important to affirming the truth. That is my answer, Sean.

That’s quite an answer. Remember RINE was written in response to the 2002 RPCUS “call to repentance” which accused Wilson and the rest of the Auburnites with, among other things, teaching . . .

“. . . that believers in Jesus can lose their justification and salvation . . . ”

“. . . [a] doctrine of election that teaches that the elect can apostatize . . . ”

“. . . that all who are baptized with water are by that baptism incorporated into Christ and are recipients of all the benefits of Christ’s . . . ”

” . . . [a]doctrine of justification that teaches that justification is a process beginning with baptism, which is contingent upon continual obedience to the Law of God, which can be lost by apostasy, and which is not completed until Judgment Day . . .”

“. . . [a] doctrine of justification by faith that defines faith as faithful obedience to God . . . .”

Evidently the RPCUS was wrong and it is they who need to be called to repentance. They clearly overreached when they charged “Douglas Wilson, Steve Schlissel, John Barach, and J. Steven Wilkins” with effectively “destroying the Reformed Faith.” At least in Wilson’s case, and according to Lane Keister, his only sin has been not distancing himself enough from the other FV men he associates with and supports. It’s not that he actually agrees with these more “egregious” teachers or that he is one himself, it’s just that he is willing to vote to approve their “transfer credentials.”

Remember Lane Keister was on the team assigned to prosecute the Louisiana Presbytery (LAP) for it’s failure to correctly deal with the teachings of Steve Wilkins. Had the LAP not pled guilty on one charge and the other was dismissed, perhaps Lane could have remained on the prosecutorial team had Wilkins stayed in the PCA to face trial and the case made it to the SJC.

Who says Wilkins couldn’t get a fair trial in the PCA? Since Wilkins and Wilson are in fundamental agreement on EVERY doctrine central to the Federal Vision, with Wilson being only a slightly better huckster in disguising the real nature of their poison, and, who would have no doubt testified on Wilkins behalf, it is quite possible that Wilkins could have found himself thrice exonerated in the PCA.

With the potential of men like Lane Keister prosecuting his case, it’s really a shame Steve Wilkins ran away.

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13 Comments on “Lane Keister Exonerates Doug Wilson”

  1. haiglaw Says:

    I don’t think Lane exonerated Wilson at all. I think you took one quote out of context.

    Lane tries to be fair to all concerned, even or especially to those with whom he disagrees.


  2. rgmann Says:

    Evidently the RPCUS was wrong and it is they who need to be called to repentance.

    Well there sure doesn’t seem to be any middle ground on this, does there? Either Wilson is “destroying the Reformed Faith” by his heretical doctrines, or the RPCUS is guilty of bearing false witness against Wilson. It’s either one or the other. If this is truly Lane’s position on Wilson (and he wasn’t just having a bad day or a momentary lapse in judgment), I’m wondering if he’ll publicly state that the RPCUS needs to repent?

  3. magma2 Says:

    HaigLaw – what do you mean “out of context”?

    I asked a question and posted his entire response which fully agrees with Wilson’s assessment as well.

    Roger – that certainly seems to be the only option if Lane is correct. Per Lane Wilson is a Christian minister whose only sin is not being tough on his FV friends. I guess Lane could charge me for calling Wilson a deadly heretic and a false teacher. While the PCA has prove impotent in prosecuting EVEN ONE FV heretic, I guess they’d fair much better going after FV opponents. After all, I co-authored a book identifying Wilson as an anti-Christian heretic who teaches salvation by faith and works. I guess he’ll be calling on John and I to repent as well.

    Frankly, I am disgusted and deeply saddened by Lane’s reply.

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  5. greenbaggins Says:

    By the way, the name’s Lane Keister, not Lane Kiester.

  6. magma2 Says:

    Apologies. It’s fixed.

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  8. qeqesha Says:

    Hi Sean,
    Though heretics are dangerous as the scripture warns us, at least they are identifiable, if one is dilligent in studying the word of God and discerning. I have come to the conclusion that it is the likes of Keister, the luke warm, who think they are too gentlemanly to dirty their clean nose on controversies of religion, who seem to think the Bible crude and uncivilised in identifying and condeming heretics and false prophets, who constitute a greater danger to the health of the church. Some, as a matter of principle will not criticise, expose or oppose error. Infact they will attack you for objecting to unsriptural teaching! This is disloyalty to God. By their silence or failure to call error by its name they abate and aid the free flow of heresy in corrupting the church of Jesus Christ. They are the hirelings who careth not for the sheep!

  9. haiglaw Says:

    Seems to me Lane spends as much time and effort as any of us to stand for orthodoxy and oppose heterodoxy. I am amazed that anyone would accuse him of being “lukewarm.”

    And the notion that the PCA is impotent in going after FV makes me wonder who’s on the same planet with us.


  10. magma2 Says:

    HaigLaw, I don’t agree Lane is lukewarm, but now we know exactly why the FV men in the PCA moved to have FV men represented on the FV/NPP committee.

    I admit to being frustrated with Lane’s amiable as opposed to adversarial approach to Wilson, essentially letting him guide him through RINE. But I was assured in private that you get get more bees with honey, but it seems that I was mistaken as to who had the honey and who was the bee.

  11. qeqesha Says:

    HaigLaw, The Champion of the New Perspective on Paul, NT Wright, earned his reputation by “spending as much time and effort as any of us” opposing the “Jesus Seminar” and their views and other liberal views, and fooled enough people all the way to the Bishopric of Liverpool, as a “solid evangelical”. He was “not luke warm” at all! Some of the FV man “spend as much time and effort as any of us” opposing The New Perspective on Paul, fighting “Barbarians at the gates”, defending a “Christian World view” and bemoaning the erosion of “values” in society. Lane’s “amiable” approach to an old wily hyena like Wilson does not inspire confidence as to his level of spiritual awareness at the utter seriousness of distorting the foundational Biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone! Justification by faith alone is the last line of defence for the people of God! This is no place for urbane gentleman games! Denson

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