Still Don’t Know Who to Vote For?

When it was clear that John McCain was the Republican pick, I chided the sheer stupidity of some conservative commentators who were organizing Republicans in the remaining primary states to vote for Obama in order to stop Hillary.  At the time I thought Hillary was the better choice over McCain for reasons I made clear here and I still do.  I disagreed with Anne Coulter who said she would vote for, and even work for, Hillary Clinton because she thought Clinton was “more conservative” than McCain.  I argued voting for Clinton precisely because she was more polarizing, shrill and hateful and would do less harm to the country than John McCain simply because she would be unable to get much of anything through Congress.  She would drive the Republicans to the right and would be unable to break any Republican filibuster.  Plus, she would provide the necessary stimulus to revitalized what’s left of the anemic and floundering Conservative movement.

Conversely, McCain would get virtually all the Democrats, plus he’ll pull all moderate and left-leaning Republicans to his side leaving whatever is left of the conservative wing of the Republican Party out in the cold.  McCain would do more to further marginalize the conservative right than all 8 years of George Bush combined.  My concern with Obama is that besides the race card, which will be predictably played against all his critics (you might recall it was even played on the Clintons despite Bill being  the first “black” president), he is a considerably more likable figure than Hillary.  He is an upbeat, power-of-positive-thinking, Joel Olsteen type of politician.  Consequently, Obama doesn’t engender the type of visceral hatred that Hillary inspired in the minds of most conservatives.

Well, all may not be lost.  So, if you’ve been wondering who conservatives and liberty loving Americans should vote for in November, seeing that the “lesser of two evils” ploy will not provide any plausible deniability this election should you decide to hold your nose and vote for McCain, Bill Clinton has provided a sound argument to help you decide.  In Denver last week, and something that was widely reported, Bill Clinton made the following “off the cuff” remark:

“Suppose for example you’re a voter. And you’ve got candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don’t think that person can deliver on anything. Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues, but you believe that on the other half, the candidate will be able to deliver. For whom would you vote?”

Of course, realizing he just rammed his foot deep in his mouth as he once again slammed Obama’s obvious inexperience, he added, “This has nothing to do with what’s going on now.”  Yeah, right, Bill.   Did you forget what your wife said during the primary; “I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he made in 2002.”  McCain didn’t forget, that’s why he used that line in one of his recent television ads.   But, let’s face it, Bill is right.

If you want to see the passage of 50% of what Bill Clinton considers good policy, vote for John McCain in November.

If you want to reduce the above percentage of bad policy down into the single digits, vote for Obama.

And, while Obama is not nearly they type of shrill poster boy for the left that we would have had with Hillary, purely on the question of policy Obama will drive the Republican Party to the right and that’s a good thing.  I also want to stress that voting isn’t necessarily a matter of morality.  At times it is more a matter of strategy and the future of our country.  If it’s any consolation I faced a similar situation in ’92.  I remember going out for dinner with my boss at the time and a brilliant conservative strategist who, beside meeting him for the first time that evening, has done more to shape my political philosophy over the years than perhaps anyone else.  He made essentially the same argument explaining why I should vote for Bill Clinton over George Bush 41.  I admit at the time his arguments seemed counterintuitive.  How could any young conservative even consider voting for Bill Clinton?  Needless to say I wrestled with his arguments and spent a long sleepless night before the election.  In the end, and fearing I would somehow stain myself voting for Clinton, I wimped out and voted for Libertarian candidate Andre Marrou. Thankfully, and despite my being a wimp, Clinton won the election and we were catapulted into the greatest expansion the conservative movement has seen since the first Reagan term.

So ask yourself, will we be better off with half of what Bill Clinton thinks is good policy or considerably less?  Also, remember the real power is in the Congress.  Despite being a very charismatic and dangerous socialist, Obama will be, and given the alternative, a net plus in the White House.  He will drive the Republican Party to the right, and, as long as we have 41 solid Americans still in the Senate, we’ll not only be fine,  we’ll prosper.  Whereas, a McCain presidency will only drive the Republican party further leftward.   Don’t forget that after just 4 years of Jimmy Carter we got Ronald Reagan.   Is that too much to hope for again?  I don’t think so.

But, if you’re still one of those people who think you’ll be fouling yourself by voting for an extreme liberal Democrat like Barack Obama , then consider voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Consitution Party.   Consider it an absentee vote for Obama.

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5 Comments on “Still Don’t Know Who to Vote For?”

  1. I think voting is a matter of morality, to some degree. You bear some responsibility for the people you enable.

    McCain and Obama weren’t that much different than each other, but frankly, I’m grateful we’re not at war with Iran or Russia at the moment, so I’m glad Obama won (as far as it goes.) However, I cannot conceive of a good reason to have voted for Obama over Baldwin.

  2. Steve M Says:

    I am not glad Obama won. Either time.

  3. libertyblogger101 Says:

    I guess it would be better to say that I’m glad McCain lost. Ron Paul was my candidate.

  4. truthitself Says:


    Looking on the bright side, at least there are more and more people seeing Obama for the incompetent boob that he is.

  5. Sean Gerety Says:

    And without O there would have been no Tea Party, no Rand Paul, no Mike Lee, no Justin Amash, etc., and hopefully a lot more etceteras after this midterm (admittedly 2010 was not a great year, but O knows how to turn them out).

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