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clark01In the most recent edition of  Trinity Review, Gordon Clark takes aim at so-called “conservatives” within the church, specifically Cornelius Van Til, his associates, and his many followers at Westminster Seminary and beyond,  who have successfully advanced a theory of truth that completely undermines the truth of Scripture.  These so-called “conservative” Christian teachers have done more damage to the church than any atheist could ever hope for. I highly recommend that all interested students take the time to carefully read through Clark’s entire article linked above and which can also be found in his book, God’s Hammer: The Bible and Its Critics.

If God has the truth and if man has only an analogy, it follows that he does not have the truth. An analogy of the truth is not the truth; even if man’s knowledge is not called an analogy of the truth but an analogical truth, the situation is no better. An analogical truth, except it contain a univocal point of coincident meaning, simply is not the truth at all. In particular (and the most crushing reply of all) if the human mind were limited to analogical truths, it could never know the univocal truth that it was limited to analogies. Even if it were true that such was the case; he could only have the analogy that his knowledge was analogical. This theory, therefore, whether found in Thomas Aquinas, Emil Brunner, or professed conservatives is unrelieved skepticism and is incompatible with the acceptance of a divine revelation of truth. This unrelieved skepticism is clearly indicated in a statement made in a public gathering and reported in a letter dated March 1, 1948, to the Directors of Covenant House. The statement was made, questioned, and reaffirmed by one of the writers mentioned above that the human mind is incapable of receiving any truth; the mind of man never gets any truth at all. Such skepticism must be completely repudiated if we wish to safeguard a doctrine of verbal revelation.

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  1. whereisthewisdom Says:

    This is my first Clark’s book. I just have bought the book and have only read the first three chapters. I must say that he is simply brilliant. I will translate some excerpts (especially his treatment of Thomas Aquinas’ work) into Bahasa Indonesia and post them on my blog and discussion forums. Many Christians here put too high a respect toward Thomas Aquinas and I am sure if I post Clark’s treatment of Aquinas, they will surely be jolted.



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