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Clark Quick Quote

September 2, 2009

clark01With the release of Clark And His Critics, Volume 7 in the Clark Signature Series, that includes the long out of print and hard to find even used, The Philosophy of Gordon H. Clark:  A Festschrift, edited by Ronald Nash, I thought I would offer up the following Clark Quick Quote that remains the core of the Trinity Foundation’s mission.

In addition to urging folks to support the Foundation’s ongoing work, right now TF is offering a great deal — 40% off retail — on all 8 volumes of the Clark Signature Series published so far.  That’s only $99 for the trade paperback or $149 for the hardback (plus S&H).  Clark’s work, all of it, is a must for any thinking Christian’s library and is something you’re unlikely to find in any pablum pushing anemic Christian bookstore.  Besides, the Signature Series will look great on your bookshelf — and even better in your hands!

Now, onto Clark:

There have been times in the history of God’s people, for example, in the days of Jeremiah, when refreshing grace and widespread revival were not to be expected: The time was one of chastisement. If this twentieth century is of a similar nature, individual Christians here and there can find comfort and strength in a study of God’s Word. But if God has decreed happier days for us and if we may expect a world-shaking and genuine spiritual awakening, then it is the author’s belief that a zeal for souls, however necessary, is not the sufficient condition. Have there not been devout saints in every age, numerous enough to carry on a revival? Twelve such persons are plenty. What distinguishes the arid ages from the period of the Reformation, when nations were moved as they had not been since Paul preached in Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome, is the latter’s fullness of knowledge of God’s Word. To echo an early Reformation thought, when the plough man and the garage attendant know the Bible as well as the theologian does, and know it better than some contemporary theologians, then the desired awakening shall have already occurred.

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