Siouxlands Shenanigans in Chronological Order

TE Brian Carpenter, the “Happy TR,” has posted a succinct and revealing chronology of Federal Visionist Joshua Moon on his blog.  For those who don’t remember, Moon and his Session at Good Shepherd PCA of Minnetonka, Minnesota, have filed a complaint against TE Carpenter for assorted and imaginary violations of the Ninth Commandment, specifically Carpenter’s claim that Moon himself is associated him with the Federal Vision movement and theology.  In his defense, Moon claims: “I have almost no familiarity with the writings of the so-called ‘federal vision’ theologians” and asserts that he is “ignorant of the controversy” having read “almost nothing from those involved in the disputes.”  Hence, to associate Moon with the FV is unfair, wrongheaded, and just plain nasty. However, I guess just like former president Clinton dancing around the meaning of the word “is,” Moon has decided to hedge his bets on the word “almost.”

While Moon claims to have “almost no familiarity with the writings of the so-called ‘federal vision’ theologians,” he did have a long a fruitful relationship in the employ of  well-known Federal Vision demagogue and polemicist Jeffery Meyers.  Moon claims to have had “weekly meetings” with Meyers during the time period that includes at least the first two Auburn Avenue pastor’s conferences, which also includes the time the RPCUS issued their public “Call to Repentance” to those pastors associated with the AAPC.  I assume Moon will claim he is also “almost” ignorant of Meyer’s close ties to the FV even as one of the signers of “The Joint Federal Vision Statement.”  It is also interesting that in his 2009 ByFaith blip Moon refers to “covenantal election.”  Yet, “covenantal election” is that which, in FV Newspeak, is contrasted with “decretal” election (or what Calvinists historically have just called “election”) and is nomenclature virtually unique to FV theology.

Further, and more importantly, if it is true that Moon has “almost no familiarity with the writings of the so-called ‘federal vision’ theologians” and is “ignorant of the controversy,” then why did he agree to be part of a committee investigating TE Greg Lawrence, a man suspected of advancing FV theology?  If it is true he has “almost no familiarity” with the Federal Vision to the point of being virtually ignorant of the controversy, then he owes an apology to Carpenter and the rest of the Siouxlands Presbytery for sticking his nose into the Lawrence investigation in the first place.  Clearly Moon has stepped in it more than a few times and now he’s having a hard time getting it off his shoes.

Given Moon’s close personal associations with Meyers and other prominent FV men during the early and very public battles over the FV, Moon either had his head stuffed deep in a hole somewhere in the nether regions of St. Louis during that entire period or he is just lying now.  Of course, even if Moon is “almost” ignorant of the Federal Vision, a name which its proponents gave to their own sacramental scheme of salvation by faith plus works, Moon has associated himself with this movement by publicly announcing – and on the floor of his own Presbytery – his own affinity with the views of a strongly suspected Federal Visionist in his own Presbytery, Greg Lawrence.

If Moon objects to being associated with Federal Vision theology he has only himself to blame.

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