How About a Couple of Sticks of Dynamite?

Pastor Wes White has lit the fuse in his piece The Federal Vision in the PCA & The Strategic Plan, and the subsequent blast has revealed another pile of slag in the PCA.  White says; “I think that just as important as sending out people to preach the Gospel is ensuring that we have a Gospel to preach.”  Too bad more in the PCA don’t agree.

Lighting the second stick, White has exposed a literal rat’s nest by demonstrating that “New York Metro, which some consider to be the bright and shining star, the flagship of the PCA, is a safe haven for the New Perspective on Paul and the Federal Vision.”

A while back I asked: Can the PCA be saved?  As the evidence continues to mount, I think there is only one answer that any sane person can come to.  I mean, this very week N.T. Wright is speaking at Tim Keller’s Redeemer church in NYC and it hardly raises an eyebrow.  On the other hand, men like White pointing this out and explaining why it’s wrong does.  Draw your own conclusion.


Lane Keister has hurled a third stick of TNT at the Federal Vision and blasted away the shale exposing the core of their false gospel.  His “Hermeneutic and Ontology in Justification” is a must read.   Frankly, it’s so good I even violated the terms of my forced exile from his blog just to say kudos.

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5 Comments on “How About a Couple of Sticks of Dynamite?”

  1. John McWilliams Says:

    I also read that article. It did seem to be the majority of the comments were busting on Pastor White for sharing his findings. It sure seems obvious to me with the information Pastor White put out that New York Metro is at least being cozy with men of error.

  2. James Vandenberg Says:

    Tim Keller is also promoting theistic evolution:

    He supports the BioLogos movement, which was stated by Templeton, the universalist billionaire. It promotes a mechanistic, evolutionary view of origins. Keller’s face is right next to that of Howard Van Til, the former Calvin College Darwinist who is now a “freethinker.:

    Keller also co-sponsored the Darwinist conference where Bruce Waltke famously said that those who don’t accept evolution are cultists:

    So if Keller’s church is supposedly the flagship of the PCA, the denomination is on the rocks.

  3. Clerical Collar Says:

    In my view the NY Metro churches, which I have attended, are liberal lite and Roman Catholic lite. If I want deaconesses, I can just join the RCA or the mainlines and get deaconesses plus female elders also.

    The NY Metro church I attend is definitely Roman Catholic friendly. I don’t hear much about NPP or FV there, but plenty about tithing, sabbath keeping and spiritual disciplines. The teaching of doctrine may be sub-par, but the important thing is that the great musicians create “excellence in worship”, as if worldly musicians make-up for the dilution of reformation and scriptural principles.

  4. enieves Says:

    For those who visit the NY metro area and would like to worship without subjection to deaconesses, N.T.Wright and so on, check out my church at for a good Reformed alternative.

  5. Drake Says:

    Thanks for the article Sean. I was just confronted with an OPC seminarian, though a good friend and a brother, who criticized Clark on this very point last night. Spot On!


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