Trinity Foundation Facelift

Check out the new and improved Trinity Foundation website! Tom over at the foundation did an outstanding job updating the site and also  added some new lectures and features, including a lecture on The Inerrancy of the Bible by Gordon Clark along with assorted lectures by John Robbins all for free.  Download them all and fill up your Ipods (or, if you’re like me your Sansa Clip).

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3 Comments on “Trinity Foundation Facelift”

  1. Lauren Kuo Says:

    Hi Sean,
    The website looks great! I just finished reading “The Christian and the Civil War”. Wow, I wish I had this to read several years ago when we were trying to understand the Confederate sympathizer mentality of some of our elders at CPC. One of our elders would often sport his confederate flag suspenders at church! I came across one of their Lincoln bashing history books while cleaning out our school storeroom – unbelievable – literally!

    After reading this article and looking back, several things seem to together. The article stated that the Confederates would look to pagan Greek and Roman civilizations to defend slavery and their model of government. Now I know why Doug Wilson founded the classical school movement – it’s a great tool for indoctrinating children to look to pagan civilization and not to God for salvation. When we were involved in the classical school in our church (we were one of two founding families), I would often make the comment that civilizations began with a murderer – Cain. So, perhaps we better take a closer look at the Greeks and Romans before lifting them up as ideal civilizations to model after.

    Doug’s classical school movement, confederate sympathizers, the plantation mindset where the elders are the masters and the members are the slaves, the Federal Vision, reconstructionism, elders from the South who throw in their Anglican and Roman Catholic backgrounds into the church worship and gov’t – all came together at CPC to create a potent mix of false doctrine and tyranny. Two of our children along with myself were three of their “slaves”. When we put in a request to transfer to Redeemer to join my husband who was assistant pastor, the CPC elders refused to grant the request until I recanted my comments about the Federal Vision on byFaithonline. I had to file a complaint against them to the presbytery in order for my family to “escape the plantation”. What a pathetic mess, but thank the Lord that we can look back on this and laugh.

  2. Lauren Kuo Says:

    A quick clarification: Our family had already been received into membership in our new church when the CPC session claimed to still hold our membership. Added to the problem was their refusing the transfer of our sons because of a perceived grievance against me. That is why I had to file a formal complaint.

    The updated website is wonderful – it is much easier to navigate. I especially like the Gospel Corner.

  3. Mark Says:

    There is so much intellectualizing going on over the rationalization of a simple truth; that it is making its simplicity clouded in complexity.

    I am reborn. I am in paradise. I am poor in wealth but a hammer with the truth. Very sadly, “The truth” can be both a joy………..and a Horror.

    All my Love, Mark.

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