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Watching Car Crashes

December 29, 2010

I’ve been taking a much needed break from blogging, something I’m sure all my friends in the Federal Vision have been thankful for.  Think of it as a Christmas present.  Trust me, the neo-legalists of the Federal Vision are not the only ones who get sick of me blathering on about their false gospel and from every angle imaginable.  I too get sick of writing about the same tired topic over and over.  Well, strictly speaking I’m still on blog sabbatical as the Federal Visionists themselves continue to do all the hard work for me and for the three people left in the PCA still paying attention.  The most recent denial of the Christian faith comes from PCA pastor in good standing Jeffery Meyers.  Yes, that same Jeff Meyers who continues to be coddled and protected by his own apostate presbytery; the Missouri Presbytery ( yes, the same one where you’ll find the the new home for N.T. Wright studies, Covenant Seminary).  Well, this time Meyers exposition and defense of works righteousness comes via Wes White’s blog and interestingly without comment.  White simply posts Meyers words and let them stand on their own two gangrenous feet.  Here’s a sample from Meyers comments on the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18: 9-14):

The key is to understand what “righteous” means. It does not refer to moral purity or conformity to a legal standard (the “Lutheran” mistake). “Righteousness” in the Bible means covenant faithfulness. A person is righteous when he does what the covenant requires of him.

All I could bring myself to say is, “Wow.”   So for those who still have not completely abandoned the PCA as a Christian denomination (after all, what Christian denomination would continue to allow Christ’s sheep to be subjected to a dog like Meyers) or who just have a morbid fascination with watching a once uncompromisingly biblical and solidly Reformed denomination implode, follow this link to read the rest of PCA pastor Jeffery Meyers Christ denying lies, again, without commentary.

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