Gun Control – A Statist Fantasy

“The constant expansion of gun ownership (with the number of new firearms entering American possession averaging around 4 million a year) and expanded rights to legally carry weapons have been accompanied by a 41 percent decline in violent crime rates over the past two decades . . . there is no consistent association between easy access to guns or the right to carry them and gun crimes.”

– Brian Doherty, Reason Magazine, April 2011

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21 Comments on “Gun Control – A Statist Fantasy”

  1. Hugh McCann Says:

    I’d heard years ago that Japan (no private guns) and Switzerland (guns in every home) had the lowest crime rates.

    Closer to home: ‘In March 1982, the small town of Kennesaw, GA โ€“ responding to a handgun ban in Morton Grove, Ill. โ€“ unanimously passed an ordinance requiring each head of household to own and maintain a gun. Since then, despite dire predictions of “Wild West” showdowns and increased violence and accidents, not a single resident has been involved in a fatal shooting โ€“ as a victim, attacker or defender…’


  2. LJ Says:

    I’m a gun owner. In fact, I just bought my latest gun the day before yesterday from the divorcee of a retired police officer. It’s a Sig P229 in .40 caliber. Practically stole it for the price I paid. I kinda feel guilty …. naaaahhhh!

    I’ve been shooting mostly handguns for quite some time and grew up with them around pretty much everywhere. I practice with my main “go to” handgun at least three or four times a month and not a bad shot for an old guy. In fact, my son’s a SRT (special response team) police officer and I out-shoot him with the handgun. He beats me with the AR-15 though. I own my handguns for two reasons: fun and personal protection.

    Anybody that doesn’t want me to own a handgun, including some Politburo, Nazi, Democrat hired gun can feel free to come try to take it. I’m not giving any of mine up till they hog-tie me and lock me up in the next U.S. gulag.

    One small snag though, I can’t get my wife to go shoot with me! So I guess it’ll remain a guy thing for now.

    BTW, I’m naming my handguns Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul and Ringo.



  3. Sean Gerety Says:

    LOL! Love the names, especially Ringo!

    FWIW I have the same problem with my wife. My 12 year old son on the other hand is chomping at bit for me to take him shooting. My only fear is he’ll like it too much. I didn’t grow up with guns, so I’m a little unsure when it makes sense to introduce my son to shooting. I’m also concerned about his sense of responsibility as he broke the rules on the pocket knife I gave him. Now he doesn’t have that. Then he broke the rules on his airsoft guns. Now he doesn’t have those. I’m afraid if he broke the rules on using a handgun I’d end up not having him. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. LJ Says:

    Hi Sean,
    I got my first gun when I was 8 years old; a .410 bolt action shotgun. So your boy is going to be a late bloomer if you don’t get on the stick!

    I’m not so gun nuts that I don’t think there should not be some restrictions on ownership. I’m not sure I can back up my argument constitutionally, but guns are DEADLY WEAPONS and should be treated that way. I’ve been muzzled (had someone carelessly and inadvertently point their gun at me) at the shooting range too many times to not know that some folks are just too damned ignorant to own a gun; how you determine ignorance is hard to determine up front. So, I’m a big advocate of training, extensive training. I would like to see every law-abiding American own a gun and train with it regularly. Kind of a well armed militia … now why didn’t someone else think of that?

    As for your boy I can’t think of anything more Dad and son friendly than going shooting together. I did it with my Dad, my Grandfather, cousins, uncles, can’t remember any aunts!

    But if you purchase one learn gun safety; it’s imperative. Shoot often and learn to shoot well. There are good training classes in every major city. Find one and they’ll be happy to give you good friendly advice on what to get and how to train. Gun people are friendly folks for the most part. Notice that everybody is courteous at a gun show!

    As far as breaking the rules, well, that’s a whole nuther ball of wax.


  5. I’m a PCA pastor, and have a gun related website you might enjoy…

  6. Mike Says:


    everything is about training. With guns you don’t want to glitchy them but to portray them as useful tools and lay the framework for proper use and safety. A good gun class would be my recommendation for Connor. Once you learn how to handle a gun, where to point it, carry it, load and unload, use the safety, clear it etc, and of course range rules and proper use around other people you are good to go. in the military we make everything a habit and we make you wash rince and repeat till its memorized, not to mention disciplining those who don’t get it till they do. Believe me if the military can train some of the people we have to handle weapons then anyone can do it.

  7. Sean Gerety Says:

    Thanks Mike. Maybe I can just hire you for an evening. BTW Happy Bday!

  8. theoldadam Says:

    I don’t understand how during the Katrina Hurricane, authorities were able to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens, just at a time when they might be needed the most.

    I never heard a peep about this, but witnessed it with my own eyes.

  9. AZTexan Says:

    O. Adam: >>I donโ€™t understand how during the Katrina Hurricane, authorities were able to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens, just at a time when they might be needed the most.<<

    Simple: They used Katrina as a test run for the fast-approaching day when they declare marshal law and send troops – and the increasingly militarized police – door to door (to known gun owners first) to seize all weapons not already surrendered by the cowed, gullible sheepulace. Troublemakers not eliminated on site will be captured and carted to FEMA camps (these are even now ready and waiting) where most will be exterminated and disposed of with Nazilike efficiency.

  10. AZTexan Says:

    By the way, the “Loughner Panic” shows many telltale signs of being a CIA brainchild, with shades reminiscent of MK-Ultra and the “Underwear Bomber” (the latter is the primary hoax – not counting the 9/11 false flag op – we can thank for the latest surge in Police State power, most evident [and egregious] in the recent mandatory gropee-or-nude-model “choice” being pressed on us by Big Brother and Nanny Gubmint via TSA). I strongly suspect Loughner was used as a patsy by gun-grabbers behind the scenes.

  11. theoldadam Says:


    I think you are right.

    It just makes me mad that there aren’t a few police officers with guts who will stand up and say that this (that was ) wrong.

    They don’t want to lose their jobs and their pensions and are willing to watch our rights flused down the toilet for a few bucks.

    It makes me sick.

  12. AZTexan Says:

    Me too, Old Adam, me too. And I pray that LJ’s son won’t be among those of whom you speak. It breaks my heart to think of leaving this world through a firefight in my living room with the “good guys” of LE, whom I’ve respected and supported all my life. I sincerely hope (and do trust, actually) that there ultimately will be no genuine Christians among those troops and police who turn on their own countrymen at the behest of The Beast/NWO. BUT. I’m not sure it’s safe to assume that every grunt and cop who broke into private New Orleans homes and forcefully disarmed innocent – and thereafter defenseless! – civilians was unregenerate to a man.

    There’s the rub, spiritually, ethically speaking: Must Christians fear that, when the manure hits the turbines, we risk killing fellow-believers in using deadly force to protect ourselves against the final tyranny? I’m not interested in revolutions, and I sure ain’t gonna look for a scrap with the forces of Antichrist…but I don’t plan to surrender, either. Ah, well. If that moment of truth comes for me, then the Lord will decide my actions as well as the aftermath.

  13. theoldadam Says:

    It’s gonna get ugly, that’s for sure.

    Whatever we decide to do, the Lord will love us and forgive us. He hates evil and tells us to do so also.

    Just do what you believe is right and let the chips fall where they may.



  14. Hugh McCann Says:

    “Victorious Christian Armies” CDs on sale today only @

    Histories of “Huguenot leaders Admiral de Coligny and Henry of Navarre from the ‘Wars of Religion’ in France.

    “…of General Oliver Cromwell, his New Model Army, and the overthrow of King Charles I.

    “…of Major Henry Berry, Colonel Adam Murray, and the other Scots-Irish defenders of Derry under William of Orange. And see how God protected Pretorious and his Voortrekker commandos during their struggle against the fierce Zulus of South Africa.”

  15. LJ Says:

    Not all the police and sheriffs are going to cave in when the crunch comes:

    My son is a police officer and he says he will not obey an order to confiscate citizens weapons and he says he doesn’t know any other officer in his department that would. That’s the good news.

    The bad news is if the so-called Patriot Act, another Bush atrocity, isn’t repealed Big Brother may declare martial law and use that as an excuse for locking up anyone who uses a gun in defense of their home from marauding bands of hoodlums. We very likely will not be allowed to use our guns even to protect our lives since it will be a crime to use a gun under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE during marital law.


  16. LJ Says:

    Maybe it will please the Lord to bring about a great nationwide repentance and belief in the gospel here in America. Maybe he will accomplish it through a deep valley of economic and political turmoil; great trials and tribulation. But when (not if) the church obeys its Lord and preaches the gospel the future is bright, it cannot not be, since the very gates of hell cannot prevail against it; since Christ is Lord and His kingdom is forever.


  17. AZTexan Says:

    LJ: >>We very likely will not be allowed to use our guns even to protect our lives since it will be a crime to use a gun under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE during marital law.<<

    Which point is moot if LEOs take and uphold this “Oath” under martial law, yes?

    What’s the real difference between seizing all firearms under martial law and not seizing them while declaring their use illegal under any circumstances? I guess it’s the difference between “hard” and “soft” disarmament, which is really no difference at all; that negligible difference ultimately isn’t going to keep soldiers or LEOs from engaging civilians guilty of nothing more than self-defense. Enforcement will be somewhat more selective – reactive rather than proactive – but it still puts the citizen in the position of defending himself – first against the criminal, then against the responding stormtroopers – at the expense of his freedom. That’s disarmament.

    Per OathKeepers, are LEOs, soldiers and guardsmen sworn to refrain from arresting citizens found in violation of such a ban provided such citizens acted in defense of life and property? And what if not all personnel responding to these shootings are “Oath Keepers”? And which of the responders decides whether such a shooting was self-defense, and “makes the call” either to arrest or to invoke the Oath, leave the scene and “lose the file”? What if that “shot-caller” (field supervisor, detective, etc.) is himself not an Oath Keeper? And, pending the call to either arrest or congratulate the detainee, how are such impromptu field investigations to be conducted without attracting the attention and presence of higher-ups (brass, spooks, et al) who are, to say the least, unsympathetic to Oath Keepers and the citizenry? Such questions go on and on. If the Oath Keepers can’t solve these problems, then their oath, while commendable, is of little real value.

  18. LJ Says:


    I think the purpose of Oathkeepers, if I am understanding their purpose correctly, is to raise the conscientiousness of LEO’s, current and ex-military personnel, etc., to the idea that the “enemy” may very likely be the government agency that is signing, or did sign at one time, their paychecks. So, if you are a member of the National Guard and you are ordered to violate the 2nd amendment by confiscating citizens’ arms, if you understand your oath, i.e., you are an “Oathkeeper,” you will not obey the order because your oath is to uphold the Constitution. At least that’s my simplified understanding of what the organization is trying to accomplish.

    I am personally not signing up since I think those on the list of “Oathkeepers” will likely be the first lined up against the wall and shot. Not because I’m necessarily afraid of being shot, but because I think I’ll provide more effective resistance if they don’t know who I am; if I’m off the government radar. But I applaud Oathkeepers efforts and contribute a little cash to them when I am able.

    One could probably imagine scenarios where the government circumvents Oathkeepers or anyone else for that matter who resists totalitarianism. I only hope and pray that there will be enough freedom loving Americans willing to stand in the gap when the time comes and if it comes. What we need is young people and not old fogies like me!

    May the Lord give us wisdom and strength for whatever may come!


  19. AZTexan Says:

    Sounds like we are solidly in agreement, LJ, even when it comes to guns. I too am a Sig guy, and I’ve been carrying a 229 .40-cal since 2006. I added Crimson Trace laser grips, which I highly recommend. God bless, and happy shooting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. […] Gun Control – A Statist Fantasy […]

  21. LJ Says:


    You wrote: I too am a Sig guy, and Iโ€™ve been carrying a 229 .40-cal since 2006. I added Crimson Trace laser grips, which I highly recommend. God bless, and happy shooting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I haven’t actually taken possession of my new P229. It’s all stock with no extras. The Crimson Trace is a definite possibility. I have a P220 (.45) that I bought in 2007, two-tone, night sights and Hogue grips. It’s very accurate.

    Hopefully the rest of our Bros that participate in God’s Hammer will take the step towards self-defense and purchase their own guns and become part of a well armed American citizenry.


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