Surprise, Surprise

Federal Visionist and PCA “pastor” Jeffrey Meyers has been exonerated once again by the Missouri Presbytery.  The Complaint filed against the Presbytery for their spiritual delinquency and bankruptcy for their first exoneration of Meyers has been denied.  Now it moves to the General Assembly’s Standing Judicial Commission for review.  While I hope to comment more in the future you can read more on these recent developments here, here and here.

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4 Comments on “Surprise, Surprise”

  1. Hugh McCann Says:

    What in the world?!

    I expected the post to tell us that J.M. had joined a sacerdotal communion like Ortho’x or RCC or CREC. But then, that wouldn’t be such a surprise.

    Possible book title: _The PCA in the 21st Century: From Bad to Worse_!

  2. Steve M Says:


  3. Lauren Says:

    Spent a week in Rome and visited the Vatican along with several other “churches”. Like the pyramids in Egypt, they are super-glorified tombs containing the remains of cardinals, bishops, and popes. Don’t know why I kept being reminded of the Federal Vision’s quest to return to Rome!

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