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Meaghan Gerety

June 19, 2011

I have been debating whether or not to share this here since I like to reserve God’s Hammer for theological issues and disputes, but my 15 year old daughter was in a terrible car crash less than a minute from our home Thursday morning.  She now is fighting for her life after suffering severe head trauma to the right side of her brain.  I know I have a lot of internet brothers and sisters who read this blog so I would greatly appreciate your prayers.  The good news is is that our Lord and Savior has preserved her life so far and has not taken His child from us.   Here is a link to a story about the crash that is mostly correct.  Meaghan was not where she was supposed to be and not with whom she was supposed to be with (at least as far as her mother and I knew).  The media got some things wrong.  Meaghan is a Sophomore going to be a Junior and late last night I found out she was wearing a seat belt and that the seat belt contributed to her injuries.  The impact of the accident was on the drivers side rear door.  Meaghan’s fractured her skull on her right side.  The recoil must have driven her head into the passenger side window or door.  Please pray for my daughter.


I would also like to add that you pray for the boy who was driving the car, Carter Womick, along with his parents.  Please pray that the Lord might use this  tragedy to cause Carter and many others to come to know the unsurpassed and unmerited mercy that can be found only in Jesus Christ.

Special Issue of Trinity Review

June 15, 2011

Trinity Foundation just released a special issue of Trinity Review.  It is a review by Kevin Reed (author of Imperious Presbyterianism) of David Engelsma’s recent book;  Bound to Join: Letters on Church Membership.

I haven’t read the special issue yet, but am eager to do so particularly after some of the heated debate recently in one of the comboxes.

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