The Gift of Discernment

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Clairvoyant Charismatic and Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll pictured above, recently accepted an invitation to speak at a  Doug Wilson conference in Moscow, ID, proving, without doubt, that Driscoll has no discernment.  While he does claim to have visions of people having sex, which he says come from the Lord and is a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit and is something he claims is the result of having the “gift of discernment,” he evidently can’t see that the man he is speaking to above is a false teacher, schismatic, and an antichrist.

Now, maybe it’s not Mark’s fault.   He says that we are to “test the spirits” and that test consists in bringing any new revelation to the elders.  If the elders say it’s from God, then it is.  Call it a charismatic magisterium (interestingly, not at all different from the one in Rome).  Consequently, I have to think he cleared his participation in Wilson’s conference with his fellow elders which means that not one of these men has the biblical gift of discernment, otherwise they wouldn’t open the sheep under their care to a charlatan like Wilson.  Frankly, at this late date even the charismatic followers of Driscoll cannot all be oblivious to the false gospel of the Federal Vision tearing up the P&R world and the role Doug Wilson continues to play as the FV’s chief spokesman and pitchman.  Although, I suspect now that Driscoll has lent his celebrity to Wilson, it’s a-ok for Driscoll’s followers to get into the FV pool.  Call it one more step on the road to Rome.

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15 Comments on “The Gift of Discernment”

  1. Hugh McCann Says:

    But Sean, God told him to go do it (sorta like watching TV).

    Plus, he’s just moving along logically ~

    First Piper,
    then Warren,*
    now Wilson,
    next, T.D. Jakes**.
    (Now, HE’S like watching TV!)



  2. Half the Presbyterians, and None of the Baptists that I know, have ever heard of Federal Vision.

  3. Sean Gerety Says:

    Is that an excuse?

  4. raykikkert Says:

    Mars Hill alliance with the CREC’s Wilson. This is no surprise… Mars Hill heretics and their nutty doctrines fit right in with the wizard from Moscow …

  5. No, not an excuse… a sad and dangerous reality.

  6. AZTexan Says:

    Driscoll’s branding will add some much-needed cool to the mOzcow scene: soon covenant infants of the Kirk will take communion shod in teeny ironic hoodies, their feet covered in teeny hipster kicks, their teeny heads sassily adorned with teeny gay hairdos. Hell, if Mom and Dad are truly “down,” why, baby will gum and slobber that Jesus-cracker whilst sporting edgy “scruff,” a bitchin’ five o’clock shadow sponged-on by the ‘rents just to make baby look and feel as badass as Prophet Marky Dee himself! Yeeeeeah, beeyotch! BOO-YAH!

  7. Dewi Says:

    A sad & dangerous reality indeed, Patrick.
    And more’s the Pity.

  8. Jim and Ronda Rush Says:

    Patrick T. McWilliams Says:

    October 9, 2011 at 7:35 pm
    Half the Presbyterians, and None of the Baptists that I know, have ever heard of Federal Vision.

    . . . . . .

    This is a shame and a danger.

    We are attempting to put a dent in that statistic, by roundly denouncing the FV movement every chance we get, both on the internet or in personal conversations with brethren.

  9. Am I losing my mind? I am absolutely stupefied by the wholesale ignorance of so many in Evangelicalism/Protestantism and even Fundieism. Good grief. It took me 2 seconds to smell out Discoll and 8 for Wilson. But looking at the whole landscape of this I see a bunch of people who simply do not give a damn about any kind of integrity with regard to what they claim to believe and what they practice.

    Please let me ramble for a moment and give an example of what I mean. There is a blog, Pyromaniacs, that is the best example of this. Phil Johnson essentially runs it with a couple of lackeys, one who didn’t need to tell me he suffered from depression since his moderating and writing style demonstrated this (he compensates and it shows). Anyway, they claim to be offended by, rather regularly, and call out, rather regularly, certain offenders of the faith, those departing from orthodoxy or even headed in that direction. Even on secondary matters.

    Yet here comes Doug Wilson and John Piper (insufferable to read and listen to in his crusading Puritan self-effacing style that is saturated with dismal self-loathing which is to be passed off as Biblical humility) who espouse an incomplete justification in Christ and that one that needs completion through some kind of works and what do we get? We get silence from the Pyromaniacs circus of clowns who swear by God they are serious about what matters most.

    Yet these same clowns want to write letters about Mark Discoll whose offenses are that of a sophomore while these other men, who are treated as elite Elders and are guilty of far greater offenses of critical doctrine, are treated, at worst, with kid gloves. Yes, write about Driscoll but write even more concerning about Wilson.

    No, I am not Augustinian/Reformed/Calvinistic but used to be. However, I appreciate many of its resources (not so many new offerings though) and I found this blog a year or two ago and read it with interest. I, too, even though not sharing the same “camp” still recognize many things pointed out here.

    Yet, Wilson is ballyhooed all over Evangelicalism/Protestantism as if he has something serious to offer. He once preached on his blog through Calvin’s Institutes? RU Kidding me? The Gospel Coalition thinks nothing of using Wilson as a standard. What am I suppose to do with that kind of observation? Just ignore that Al Mohler and the rest of these men don’t have the discernment to understand “which of these do not belong”?

    Thank you for your blog, btw.

  10. AZTexan Says:

    Funny you should mention the Pyros; I spend hardly any time over there, and practically never participate in discussions, but it just so happens Frank Turk posted today that he’s finally seen the light (darkness?) regarding Rick Warren. Without addressing the (rather insignificant) event – a damned tweet, of all things – that triggered Frank’s epiphany, I offered some Warren-related links for Turk and others likewise enlightened to check out – something to get them up to speed “now that the blinders are off,” as I put it. My contribution was not well-received by most of the regulars, including Frank.

    They seem to do their own thing over there; and their thing definitely ain’t my thing. I don’t get it. And I think the Pyros like it that way.

    Here’s the link if you’re interested: Open Letter to Chris Rosebrough

  11. AZTexan Says:

    The above was in reply to Alex G.

  12. His talk at New Saint Andrews College Disputatio is now available for free here:

  13. Sean Gerety Says:

    Nice vid of Driscoll playing the hypocrite.

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