John Robbins Quick Quote

The God who could have not-created is not the God of the Bible. The God who could not-save sinners is not the God of the Bible. All truths are necessary truths. This notion that God is “free” not to create or save makes God completely irrational. Did he hesitate between two alternatives? Robbins

— Yahoo Groups “Clark” list #276

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3 Comments on “John Robbins Quick Quote”

  1. I love that kind of consistent talk!

    This link i not an arbitrary plug for my Blog. I merely think it corroborates such thinking.

  2. AZTexan Says:

    Love it. Currently I’m enjoying the Robbins lectures most recently added to the TR website. His is the kind of teaching I yearned for in my youth! Better late than never.

  3. In part IV, Section VII of Jonathan Edwards’s classic, The Freedom of the Will Edwards has much to say on this matter under the heading “Concerning the Necessity of the Divine Will.” Edwards so eloquently states that “It no more argues any dependence of God’s will, that his supremely wise volition is necessary, that it argues a dependence of his being, that his existence is necessary. If it be something too low for the Supreme Being to have his will determined by moral necessity, so as necessarily, in every case, to will in the highest degree holily and happily; then why is it not also something too low for him to have his existence, and the infinite perfection of his nature, and his infinite happiness, determined by necessity. It is not more to God’s dishonor to be necessarily wise, than to be necessarily holy… and, in every case, to act most wisely, or do the thing which is the wisest of all; for wisdom is also in itself excellent and honorable… One thing more I would observe, before I conclude this section; and that is, that if it derogates nothing from the glory of God to necessarily determined by superior fitness in some things; then neither does it to be thus determined in all things…”

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