Antichrist on the Rise

Vatican calls for global authority on economy, raps “idolatry of the market.” As my former boss said, gotta love the Vatican complaining about idolatry.

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8 Comments on “Antichrist on the Rise”

  1. LJ Says:

    Hmm, would the article be definite “the” or indefinite “a” Antichrist?

    Whichever, I’m sure the Pontiff and his Jesuit henchmen have a wonderful plan for our lives 😮

  2. Sean Gerety Says:

    “the” “and” it’s all the same.

  3. LJ Says:

    Then I’ll hang with “a” Antichrist since, if in power, we’ll all hang together anyhow 😛

  4. Hugh McCann Says:

    Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, “I have done no wickedness.” Proverbs 30:20.

  5. Denson Dube Says:

    The beast, the dragon and the false prophet!

  6. Stephen Welch Says:

    Sean, I am delighted to see you affirm the Westminster Standards that the Pope is the antichrist (I really did not have much doubt). It is refreshing to hear someone who is reformed actually state this historic truth. Sadly many today do not want to offend anyone by referring to Rome as a false church and its papal system as the antichrist. It amazes me that we can approach the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation with such joy and not see that the Reformers were defending the gospel against Rome. There are not many who call themselves Protestants who remember that the blood of our Protestant Fathers was shed at the godless hands of the antichrist.

  7. Steve Matthews Says:

    So, the Vatican want’s to establish a new, global financial system. But who who could they possibly have in miind to run the thing? I just can’t imagine.

  8. gigi Says:

    the vatican has been leading the global financial system for decades(through the knights of malta overseen by the spiritual bastards…the jesuits),nice of them to let everybody know that the unholy ‘father’ is finally admiting it.Better late than never,right?

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