Federal Visionist Jeffrey Meyers Could Be Charged

The Judicial Panel sent a preliminary decision to the Standing Judicial Commission in favor of sustaining the complaint brought against the Missouri Presbytery for their failure to find a “strong presumption of guilt” in their examination of Federal Visionist Jeffrey Meyers.  They recommend that the case be sent back to the MOP and that they institute process according to BCO 31-2.  This is only a proposed decision and can always be overturned when the entire SJC meets (which happened in the case of Federal Visionist Joshua Moon – see A Standing Judicial Setback).

You can read the SJC’s Judicial Panel’s arguments here.  I think their recommendation sustaining the complaint is a pretty good indicator of how the SJC might decide (and certainly should decide) in the Leithart case, although it’s not a given as already noted.   I only wonder if Meyers is stupid enough to stick around and face a trial  or whether he’ll pull a Wilkins.  Either way, the writing is on the wall and it’s time for these FV men to go.

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3 Comments on “Federal Visionist Jeffrey Meyers Could Be Charged”

  1. A Says:

    Actually, that is the panel decision which is then basically a proposal to the entire SJC. So this isn’t the final decision yet, though it probably is.

  2. Sean Gerety Says:

    You’re right. Thanks for the correction. I’ve changed the lead to “could be charged.” I guess it’s good to remember that the SJC’s proposed decision in the Moon case was later overturned.

  3. Tim Wilder Says:

    As to whether Meyers “is stupid enough to stick around and face a trial” I would instead ask, If it comes to trial can Meyers expect several of the Covenant Seminary faculty to stand by him, or will he be left to stand alone?

    In this presbytery the issue is a test of the backbone of the denomination’s intellectuals as much as anything else.

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