Another PCA False Teacher Cleared

PCA Pastor and Federal Visionist, Jeffrey Meyers, has been cleared on all charges that he is a Federal Visionist even though he is one of the chief signers of the FV Confession of Faith and has defended and promoted the false gospel of the FV for years.  You can read about the PCA’s continued slide into complete apostasy here.

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23 Comments on “Another PCA False Teacher Cleared”

  1. hughmc5 Says:

    Whew! THAT must be a relief – getting those annoying charges, trials, innunendos & aspersions behind them!

    Now they can move forward with the important work of sacramental ministry. 😉

    Light a votive for the PCA?!

  2. Hugh McCann Says:

    Uh, or is that sacramental sorcery?

  3. Hugh McCann Says:

    I think I’ve figured it out: Personal hygiene seems of greater value than doctrinal hygiene in today’s church. The most atrocious things can spew forth from one’s mouth (Rev. 16:13) or keyboard; anything that is, but bad breath.

    To riff on a 1970′s tunafish ad: “Sorry, Sean. The PCA don’t want pastors with good doctrine; the PCA wants pastors who smell good.”

    Aftershave, breath mints, candles, and vestments. Do THESE make for success in today’s PCA? Point is, the good-ol’-boy net’ puts great emphasis on an outward show of piety, one’s dress & physical aroma (personal as well as church spatial), etc. Whither doctrinal fidelity?

    One is reminded of the denunciation in James 2:1, 9 ~ My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory… if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors.

    ~ Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved. 🙂

  4. Lauren Says:

    Well, now the PCA will feel more comfortable now that they have cleared the way to holding their GA in Louisville, KY this year, home of the Federal Vision Ohio Valley Presbytery, among them Bill Smith of CPC, a protege of Steve Wilkins from the Louisiana Presbytery. What a sigh of relief! It’s rather ironic, however, that the very leaders who assisted us in our battle against the Federal Vision here in Louisville seem to have no problem with these same Federal Visionists hosting the GA.

  5. Hugh McCann Says:

    Will there be a burning of the PCA GA SJC’s Bull?

  6. Lauren Says:

    I guess the PCA is now officially on record as embracing a false gospel or what they would call an acceptable alternative interpretation of the Westminster Confession of Faith..

  7. Hugh McCann Says:

    Nay, Lauren, the offcious PCA-GA-SJC party line is that, “FV is very bad for you, but we don’t want to do anything about it!”

    Reminds me of a shyster PCA pastor who wouldn’t denounce a false teacher/ prophetess in town who promoted a toxic mix of homeopathy, charismaticism, and mysticism.

    He later demitted b/c of adultery. (Went PCUSA!)

    There’s parable there, methinks…

  8. Hugh McCann Says:

    On “the relationship between testosterone and the risk of PCa* development” ~

    “…at the time of a PCa diagnosis, low rather than high serum testosterone levels have been found to be associated with advanced or high-grade disease.”

    “Lowering the serum testosterone level would lead to a PCa regresssion, whereas increasing the serum testosterone level would stimulate PCa growth.”

    But you knew that.
    * Prostate Cancer

  9. David Reece Says:

    Sean, I have wordpress too, and I’m starting to try to blog and link to blogs. Do you know how I reblog this like Patrick did?

  10. Sean Gerety Says:

    When you log in to WP there should be a bar on the top of your screen with a reblog option. You need to be on the individual post and not on the page.

  11. Lauren Says:

    Hugh, I am all too familiar with the PCA party line directive – it put me in ICU with a hypertensive mini-stroke after I was condemned by a presbytery commiittee without due process for opposing the Federal Vision and for a senior minister and his session blackmailing me – wrongfully holding my membership transfer as well as the transfer of two of my children until I renounced my statements. That was just the beginning of the PCA’s attacks against our family. And, this all happened in Louisville, KY the host of this year’s GA. Expect the Federal Vision wolves in sheep’s clothing to be triumphantly welcomed with open arms by the political operatives at this year’s GA.

    But, I am a survivor – I can testify to God’s grace and healing for myself and for my family. God took a bad situation and used it to strengthen our faith.and give us many new opportunities for ministry around the world. The truth of God’s glorious gospel has become so much more precious. I would encourage those of you who love the truth to stand up and defend it with your feet. Read Sean’s comment on Wes’ blog. It is obvious that the church courts are not going to defend the truth or protect the PCA sheep.. And, that is so tragic.

  12. hughmc5 Says:

    God bless you and your family, Lauren.

    You are blessed when reviled for the King’s sake and for his gospel.

  13. S Keith Sizemore Says:

    These days, FV and “Ecclesiocentricity” are clouding the Gospel.
    Thank you for keeping us aware of the developments.
    The PCA’s recent practical moves in facilitating various 21st Century “Oxford Movements” is very sad.
    It would benefit to read J.C. Ryle’s “Knots Untied”.
    Although re-printed by Mr. Wilson, this book clearly states the issues we face today.
    It seems these FV and “Ecclesiocentric” people would do well to follow Taylor Marshall’s example and actually become RC.
    I respect his (and other RC Converts) for their honesty.

  14. Lauren Says:

    Thanks, Hugh. I think what disturbs me most is not what happened to me but what this false teaching has done to our young people. The Federal Vision is not just an intellectual academic argument reserved for discussions on blogs. It affects real people and we have seen the abuse firsthand – it would make your blood boil – I guess that’s why I ended up in ICU. I can’t even mention them on this blog. And yet, false teachers like Jeffrey Meyers get all the protection while these children are abused, given a false assurance, and pointed to hell. I cannot comprehend how any genuine godly pastor in the PCA can go to sleep at night while the wolves are devouring the sheep. The thought that pastors from all over the country will gather in Louisville and never even blink an eye at the hypocrisy that is really taking place behind closed doors sickens me. And, some leaders, I won’t name them, know exactly what is happening here. We can only pray that God will by His Holy Spirit bless these leaders with conviction, brokenness, and repentance.

  15. hughmc5 Says:

    and with courage and resolve.

    As I’ve said elsewhere:

    We are witnessing today a “major defect” in some officers of the PCA. Some are false teachers; some are reticent to discipline their peers; some appear confused.

    To the extent that today her clergy submit to the Word, and discipline false teachers -no matter how numerous or influential- to that extent the PCA will mirror the Reformers.

    To the degree the PCA fails this test from her Lord, she will thereby show herself more akin to medieval Rome than to Calvin or Luther.

    You need a Luther in the PCA. He doesn’t appear to exist.

  16. Todd Nado Says:

    Well, the Lord does seem to work in letting the elect know who was
    never His in His Sovereignty. When Jesus says along the lines that
    few in the end will be saved (compared to the whole of the creatures
    God has made), He is not just kidding, and entering through the
    narrow gate of God’s Sovereignty alone does not comport with fallen
    human flesh, and we see such everywhere, yet ourselves have nothing to boast of or Glory of but in Christ Jesus alone. Then again, there is nothing greater to boast of than in that! No doubt we too would succumb to this kind of apostasy if the Lord did not keep us. Not that those falling away were ever His. It does seem that many fall for whatcould be considered one of the things Jesus talks about in the Parable of the Seed and the Sower as “the cares of this world” being, which is to have a more inclusive Gospel and Jesus. I myself in the flesh would not mind seeing more people have the marks of the elect and being among the redeemed, but the Spirit reminds me of the “narrow gate,” and that in the end, compared to the whole, few will be and are saved. We can only continue to do that which you guys are there at Trinity, and say such as “this persuasion is not from Him who calls God’s elect,” and continue to pray and note and come to the Mind of the Spirit, “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,” because bottom line, it certainly
    is being done on the Highest most important level that counts in the
    end, no matter what, even for those ordained to Hell for all eternity.
    Jesus is not so much asking us to pray that this comes about in the
    Lord’s prayer, but to come to know and be in agreement with the
    revealed Mind of God (which Paul says at the end of 1 Cor. 2 “but we have the mind of Christ”). Though the last part of the Lord’s prayer is not included in some older manuscripts, I think it good that it be included, because it is True that “Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever,” whether people believe it or not, or pay homage to God for it and so worship Him as He should be, and can only be.

  17. Grover Jones Says:

    Lauren, it worries me you confuse the Ohio Presbytery with the Ohio Valley Presbytery. Two differnt presbyteries, my friend.

  18. Grover Jones Says:

    appears i’m mistaken. fullest apology.

  19. Stephen Welch Says:

    Just for the record there is Ohio Presbytery and Ohio Valley Presbytery in the PCA. Louisville, KY, where the PCA GA is being held this summer is in Ohio Valley. Ohio Valley is the Presbytery that Lauren and her family were in when they suffered under the hands of the FV. Ohio Valley Presbytery is another one to keep your eyes on, because with FV men like William Smith in it he will be well protected like Leithart in Pacific NW and Meyers in MO. As far as the FV I fear we may loose the PCA, but I pray that the Lord would raise up another Reformer to sound the trumpet.

  20. hughmc5 Says:

    Cool typo: “…we may loose the PCA…”

    luo in Greek ~first word one learns @ sem~ means [let] loose or destroy, dunnit?

  21. Stephen Welch Says:

    I said, “I fear we may loose the PCA, but I pray that the Lord would raise up another Reformer to sound the trumpet.” I made an error in that statement, which needs to be corrected. Loose should be lose. Sorry for the error.

  22. Keith Says:

    J.C. Ryle said a church can miss the truth by subtracting (liberalism) or adding (Romanism).
    The PCA chose the latter method of “nullification by overaddition”.
    In our local PCA church, there is no clear note of the Gospel.
    There is constant talk of the visible church, and faithfulness to conditional covenant vows

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