Fading Lines in the Sand

Dr. Paul Elliot of Teaching the Word Ministries, and author of Christianity and Neo-Liberalism, has some harsh but timely words for  those in the PCA who consider themselves among the “Truly Reformed.”

Will they listen?

Here’s a sample:

The Federal Vision controversy is but the latest in a series of issues on which PCA “conservatives” have, for more than a decade, kept drawing lines in the sand and saying, “If the liberalizers are permitted to cross this line, it will be the last straw.” But always, when the liberalizers cross the line or simply obliterate it, the “conservatives” quietly step back and draw a new one….

The SJC to the Rescue?

Many professed conservatives insist that the PCA’s Standing Judicial Commission will come to their rescue and, in time, restore orthodoxy. But among its membership one finds men who are a long-standing part of the problem. Dr. Brian Chappell, president of the PCA’s heresy factory at Covenant Seminary, is a member of the SJC. Ruling Elder and SJC member Howard Donahoe has advocated permitting women to preach [10] and was a defense counsel for Peter Leithart at his heresy trial. Ruling Elder Terry L. Jones is a member of the Missouri Presbytery which virtually unanimously acquitted the heretic Jeffrey Meyers. Ruling Elder Bruce Terrell is a member of the session of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, where theistic evolutionist Timothy Keller is the pastor.

We could go on. Many other present and former members of the SJC have been men of the same ilk. They can hardly be called staunch guardians of orthodoxy. They would more appropriately be called foxes guarding the hen house. The bitter irony is that self-described conservatives, who claim to be guardians of Biblical truth, serve collegially with such men on the SJC.

You can read all of Dr. Elliot’s comments here, although I suspect many PCA conservatives will simply cover their ears (Acts 7:57).

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17 Comments on “Fading Lines in the Sand”

  1. Reblogged this on The Sovereign Logos and commented:
    Dr. Elliot’s call to arms to those “conservatives” in the PCA is convicting, timely, and excellent.

  2. hughmc5 Says:

    Foxes in the hen house? ~How uncharitable!
    Madmen running the asylum? ~How unkind!
    Wolves bleating with the best of them? ~How accurate!

    “If you knuckleheads don’t knock it off, why, we’re gonna… we’re gonna… why, we’re gonna have to redraw our line. AGAIN!”

  3. hughmc5 Says:

    Does this mean that Jesus is gonna puke the PCA?

  4. hughmc5 Says:

    Sean gave us Can the PCA be Saved?.

    Elliott now has brought us the answer?

  5. Lauren Says:

    Wow, what a treasure trove of biblical wisdom. Thanks for sharing this. The true genuine Christians in our neck of the PCA woods (Louisville, KY) who understand the danger of the Federal Vision have taken Dr. Elliot’s advice and left the PCA. The Ohio Valley Presbytery is a predominantly Federal Vision presbytery, so I am confident that they feel much more comfortable hosting the GA, now that three of their chiefs have been exonerated. The two PCA churches here have been feuding with each other for years and are languishing under the influence of this false teaching. Perhaps it’s time for the Mississippi Valley Presbytery to stand up and draw a line in the sand at this year’s GA.

  6. Denson Dube Says:

    “Perhaps it’s time for the Mississippi Valley Presbytery to stand up and draw a line in the sand at this year’s GA.”
    You mean re-draw the line … again! 🙂

  7. Lauren Says:

    The Ohio Valley Presbytery is riddled with FV churches, one right here in Louisville – Community Presbyterian Church –
    Due to the fact that the FV heresy has become so widespread and has infiltrated the seminary, I think most presbyters will feel very comfortable and at home at this year’s GA. And, as stated in the 2007, these false teachers are to be treated as brothers.

  8. Lauren Says:

    “in the 2007 report”

  9. Howard Donahoe Says:

    Dr. Elliott mistakenly alleged that I “advocate permitting women to preach” and that mistaken allegation is repeated above in your excerpt. I contacted him, briefly discussed the matter, and he apologized and issued a retraction and re-posted. Perhaps you could revise your excerpt from his revised article.

  10. Sean Gerety Says:

    There is a correction in a footnote to Dr. Elliott’s piece and I’ve reprinted a statement he sent out below (emphasis mine). But why would you defend Peter Leithart, a man who rather than simply leaving the PCA after openly rejecting the PCA’s FV/NPP report and after signing the FV statement of faith, and who made it clear that they only reason he remains in the PCA and submitted to process was in order to make it easier for his fellow Federal Visionists to continue to spread their false gospel.

    Frankly, Dr. Elliott’s minor error aside is nothing compared to your crimes against Christ and His church. You act as if you have a good name that needs to be protected. You should be ashamed.

    A Correction

    In our April 27, 2012 article, The PCA’s Apostasy: No More Lines In the Sand, we stated that PCA ruling elder Howard Donahoe had advocated women being permitted to preach. Mr. Donahoe and others contacted us to point out that we were in error on this.

    Mr. Donahoe told us, “I categorically oppose the idea of women preaching.” He said that his views are in agreement with those of Southern Baptist theologian Andreas J. Köstenberger, editor of Women in the Church: An Analysis and Application of 1 Timothy 2:9-15 (Baker Academic, 2005).

    In a 2008 interview, Köstenberger stated that in 1 Timothy 2:12 “Paul prohibits not merely the negative exercise of authority by women over men in the church, but even the otherwise legitimate exercise of authority. Put simply, Paul wants men, not women, to serve as elders (confirmed in the immediate context by his reference to elders as ‘faithful husbands’ in 1 Timothy 3:2). Of course, this is anathema in largely egalitarian cultures (such as the United States) today. Many judge it simply unacceptable that Scripture could “discriminate” against women in such a way. This, then, places Scripture and some (though not all) cultures in conflict, and people must choose which they will follow: the surrounding culture or Scripture.”

    We apologize to our readers and to Mr. Donahoe for this error. In nearly fifteen years of publishing thousands of pages of material, this is the first time TeachingTheWord Ministries has had to issue such a correction. All the glory for that track record of carefulness with facts belongs to our Lord. All the responsibility for this error rests with us. We are grateful for correction, no matter what its source.

    However, all other facts stated in the article, including Mr. Donahoe’s service as defense counsel for Federal Visionist heretic Peter Leithart, and his position as a member of the PCA’s Standing Judicial Commission, remain matters of indisputable record.

    We have corrected the online and printable versions of the original article, and have revised its footnote 10 to include the statement above. We ask anyone who distributed the original article on the web to also distribute this correction.

    Readers are welcome to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about this matter.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Dr. Paul M. Elliott

  11. Oh snap, he’s a fan of mine as well! http://pcajob.blogspot.com/2012/04/sovereign-logos-blog-dedicated-to.html

    Anonymous self-righteous “PCA Ruling Elder” coward.

  12. I left a bunch of comments the other day. Now it appears the blog has been taken down.

  13. Looks like, about 18 hours ago, he discovered my comments here and made a new post entitled “Wow, what a treasure trove of biblical wisdom,” then…who knows? Maybe he was convicted by the Holy Spirit and shut down the site.

  14. Hugh Says:

    Sean, Dunno if this is the place for PCA-bashing, but this quote is SO appropriate:

    As Winston Churchill said of England in 1936:

    “Decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.” ~ While England Slept

  15. Hugh Says:

    And of course no PCA (& OPC) bashing would be complete w/o this:


  16. anonomous Says:

    I attended a PCA church in Hanover, Ma, Was naive about them. The pastor had words with me cause I complained about cell phone use during the service. The long and short of it I wanted to attend a bible study group and the minister lied to me and said that they were all full.Later he admitted to his actions but never apologized for lying. This is not what I would call men of God. I have never seen such heretics who act differently than what they preach.

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