Doug Wilson: Heretic

Lectures by Brian Schwertly from last April. The real good stuff is in part 2.

Doug Wilson: Heretic (Pt 1)

Doug Wilson: Heretic (Pt 2)

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12 Comments on “Doug Wilson: Heretic”

  1. Tim Harris Says:

    One schismatic accusing another of heresy.
    This is the “church” of modern America.

  2. timharris Says:

    Well, he says that if one disagrees with the doctrine, one is free to go and start another denomination. But that is exactly what DW did! Given that premise, what possible reason is there for even interacting with the guy?

  3. Sean Gerety Says:

    Of course that doesn’t explain Peter Leithart, who is truly a schismatic working within the PCA. But I’m sure I could nitpick the lectures as well. However, I still don’t see how that makes Schwertly a “schismatic”?

    If an officer adopts a doctrinal position contrary to the confession (and they FV men all admit they are operating from a different paradigm) he is certainly free to leave (with the exception if you belong to some theonomic cult like the one they used to have in Tyler, TX). In any case, Schwertly is correct and Wilson is a particularly dangerous heretic and for the reasons he gives.

  4. timharris Says:

    The lectures are titled, Doug Wilson: Heretic, not Peter Leithart: Heretic.

    I do regard the many split-P’s that Schwertly hops between (including the RPCUS though he now praises it) as schismatic by their very existence, but I won’t press the point here unless you insist. More to the point of this blog, Schwertly says:

    “No Reformed theologian teaches that faith is mere assent” at 19:20 of second lecture. Isn’t that exactly what y’all teach?

  5. Sean Gerety Says:

    The point re Leithart/Wilkins/, is that a man is known by his works; his actions. Wilson has never distanced himself from these other false teachers simply because he is one himself despite his impressive ability to deceive so many.

    Also, “we” don’t say belief is mere assent, rather it is defined as a combination of understanding and assent. Again, I could similarly nitpick as you have (actually, you’ve more than nipicked since you accuse Schwertly of being a schismatic), but you’ll notice that he rightly equates trust with belief and recognizes they’re synonyms (which is more than I can say for most Reformed theologians and teachers).

  6. Schwertley is a theonomist and therefore part of the problem he’s complaining about.

  7. Sean Gerety Says:

    I suppose I can say the same about the Vantillian critics of the FV. Regardless, Schwertley does an outstanding job explaining and demonstrating what’s wrong with Doug.

  8. Ricardo P. Says:

    I agree with Sean about Schwertley doing a great job exposing Wilson as the herectic and schismatic that he is.

    Concerning ‘split P’s, when I am accused of ‘splitting the church’ because I left the PCA, I reply to my accuser that we could ALL be united, provided they abandon their unbiblical positions and agree with my positions, which are of course biblical – yet somehow no one has taken me up on that offer.

    It’s funny how unity can only be achieved by agreeing with their positions, yet they walk away from their precious ‘unity’ (external and falsely called) when asked to abandon THEIR positions and agree with mine.

  9. Denson Dube Says:

    “It’s funny how unity can only be achieved by agreeing with their positions, yet they walk away from their precious ‘unity’ (external and falsely called) when asked to abandon THEIR positions and agree with mine.”
    Do you mind if I convert this one for my own use?

  10. Ricardo P Says:

    Not at all, Denson. I probably borrowed and paraphrased it from someone else.

  11. Jon Says:

    Douglas Wilson does seem to suggest something of Rome. The FV seems to be a kind of hybrid, not quite Roman and not really a product of Geneva. I would almost equate it with Lutheranism.

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