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October 31, 2012

Federal Visionist Jeff Meyers remains a PCA pastor in good standing for now, but his days are numbered.  Admittedly, the PCA’s wheels of ecclesiastic justice are considerably rustier than their secular counterparts, but even without any oil they do continue to turn.  While admittedly a bit convoluted, the Standing Judicial Commission recently agreed with a complaint against the Missouri Presbytery’s (MOP) 2011 investigation of Meyers and that there was a “strong presumption of guilt” requiring Meyers be brought under process.   According to the SJC:

We find that MOP erred in failing to find a strong presumption of guilt that TE Meyers holds views contrary to the Westminster Standards (BCO 34-5) when MOP conducted its investigation.

However, since the time the complaint was made against the MOP investigative committee and when the SJC finally took up the complaint,  Meyers was brought under process and his views were again vindicated by the MOP, consequently this recent decision sustaining the complaint against the MOP is moot.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for Meyers), there is a complaint now before the SJC against the not guilty verdict in favor of Meyers.  Further, Meyers views haven’t changed in the slightest between the time of his investigation and his trial, therefore it would follow that the complaint against Meyer’s not guilty verdict will similarly be sustained and Meyers will be thrown out of the PCA and the MOP disciplined.  Of course, this all is premised on the assumption that the courts of the PCA are not completely schizophrenic and that they won’t end up both affirming and denying the same thing.  Which means that Jeff Meyers should begin looking for a new job outside of the ministry (the preferred option) maybe at his local gun shop (Meyers is evidently quite a shot) or local fast food joint, or start making preparation now for his exodus to Doug Wilson’s Federal Vision mock Christian denomination, the CREC.

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