The Poisonous Fruit of a Troubled Mind


There is little doubt that Drake Shelton is a troubled soul.  Recently on his racist subordnationist anti-Trinitarian blog, Nonexistent Light, he wrote:

I have come under severe depression in the last day due to the overwhelming nature of this issue, my exile in Louisville, Ky with no Christian fellowship, the scandalous and atheistic treatment I have received from so-called brothers in Christ and my less than Christ-like reaction to that treatment.  I am going to be taking a break for a while. Pray for me that my faith not falter and that the Lord would make good of the heavy burden he has placed upon me; that is, that I would respond in a way that is submissive to his word  and submit to the chastening that he has put me under.

Interesting, and besides not taking a break at all as he continues to post some of the most hate filled posts I’ve ever seen, Drake complains about suffering from “severe depression” due to lack of Christian fellowship in his “exile in Kentucky.” Give me a break.  He has no Christian fellowship because he is not a Christian.  He is not in “exile” in Kentucky, he is a white-supremacist Unitarian apostate who denies the Son.  Can there be any wonder why he lacks Christian fellowship? I know of no Christian church that would accept him as a member. What session looking at his website would think he has a credible profession of faith? His “exile” is self imposed and unless he repents in exile in his parents basement is where he will remain.

Notice too that he takes no responsibility for his deplorable situation but instead blames his depression on “the scandalous and atheistic treatment I have received from so-called brothers in Christ.” Just like on his blog where he blames his inability to find gainful employment on  “Yankee-ized, Negroized, Darwinists.”

Interesting too, and probably something overlooked by the followers of  Drake’s semi-Arianism like Ryan Hedrich (but maybe not), is that Drake’s rejection of Christian Trinitarianism, or what he calls “the Monad,” is central to his racism. Concerning a proposal where he advocates the establishment of a nationwide system of apartheid in America, he writes in response to his fellow racists:

Brooks believes that Black Nationalism has created a detrimental and destructive hostility towards anything European. He calls this “Racial Romanticism.”

I would reply that all of these objections are satisfied in the solution that Eric Jon Phelps has presented, namely, that the United States reserve a handful of States to be populated by Blacks and other necessary persons such as inter-racial spouses. The States would constitute a new nation, independent of the United States. This movement should be based upon the origin of Races, and Racial and Linguistic Separation found in Genesis 9-11. In this construction the races and languages are something that God created according to his good pleasure, as he is a God who loves distinction and variety. He is not a distinction-less monad.  Thus any preaching of racial or genetic purification by the elimination of a certain race would be absent and strongly condemned. Secondly, this would not involve an exodus back to Africa but would involve a population shift within a social structure already replete with Black Democratic Government Representatives. Thirdly, this solution would remove the Blacks from being under a White government and thus remove the ability of any Whites to oppress or hold Blacks back. On the contrary, and fourthly, the Whites would be giving up huge industrialized States ready to be used by the Blacks, thus removing the detrimental effects of Black Racial Romanticism.

Thankfully, Drake doesn’t advocate the wholesale extermination of blacks, at least not outright or at least not yet, but notice according to him God “is not a distinction less monad,” therefore, if you can follow his logic, and it seems that some men do,  even some who pretend to be Christian Scripturalists, the complete institutionalized and nationwide segregation of blacks is warranted, and is in fact even biblically justified, according to his subordinationist anti-Trinitarian heretical scheme. No wonder he rants like a raving lunatic against the “the absolute blasphemy of the Tri-Theistic or Monadistic phrase ‘God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.‘”  I suppose if he believed like every other Christian to walk the face of the earth that the Three Persons of the Trinity are co-equals in their being and power perhaps he would see that all men made in God’s image were equal too and he would have no way to justify his hatred of blacks.

Consequently,  I do agree that we should pray for Drake, but not for what he asks for. Rather we should pray that he might be converted to the true faith in the one true God even the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that he repent of his sinful subordinationism and racism.

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5 Comments on “The Poisonous Fruit of a Troubled Mind”

  1. I don’t think Drake understands the Eastern Orthodox view of the Trinity. The Eastern Orthodox do not reject the full equality of the three Persons of the Godhead, despite their subordinationist view of the doctrine of the eternal generation of the Son and the eternal procession of the Spirit from the Father alone. Some modern Eastern Orthodox scholars have tried to reconcile the issue of dual procession of the Spirit by saying that the Spirit proceeds from the Father alone “through” the Son in a secondary sense. If anything, the Orthodox view tends to be open to a charge of monarchial modalism, although I think they would deny that.

    His personal problems and racism are further indications that he is unable to think objectively and propositionally about these issues.

  2. Hugh Says:

    Couldn’t resist, Sean: circa 1983, David Frost introduces Boy & Co:

    [Think I’ll order Drake a Boy George topper for Xmas!]

  3. Hugh Says:

    I don’t need it ’til January 7….

  4. Jon Says:

    How important it is for us to understand the Trinity. Who knows what might follow from a misunderstanding of such an integral doctrine.

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