More Poisoned Fruit From A Deranged Mind


Drake Shelton has responded to my post, “The Poisonous Fruit of a Troubled Mind,” by confessing that he is indeed a “White Supremacist” and that the “vast majority of black men in America are evil blood thirsty murderers.” He reiterates his belief that “a handful of States” should be set aside  “to be populated by Blacks and other necessary persons such as inter-racial spouses.”  (Notice his use of  other “necessary persons.”  I wonder who those might be?  Mexicans, Jews, people with clubfoot or cleft lips and other racially impure persons perhaps?)  As a concession to his plan of forced migration and racial segregation he writes, “The Whites would be giving up huge industrialized States ready to be used by the Blacks.”  What a generous racist.

In addition, and perhaps even more frightening (if all this wasn’t frightening enough), Shelton thinks he’s a prophet (more like a false prophet) and claims; “God gave me an understanding into things that maybe a handful of people alive understand.” Oh, brother.  Shelton is Pat Robertson with a burning cross dressed in KKK sportswear.

This guy is completely unhinged.  Not only does he deny the Son but he claims to have received special knowledge uniquely revealed to him that he shares with his handful of heretical semi-Arian and Unitarian followers.  Can you say CULT.   If anyone is interested in this type of Kool-Aid they can find more of Shelton’s dangerous and delusional ravings here.

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13 Comments on “More Poisoned Fruit From A Deranged Mind”

  1. Steve M Says:

    Unhinged is an extremely kind way of putting it.

  2. Sean Gerety Says:

    No kidding Steve. Shelton is certifiable. And, with Pavlovian precision he responded right on cue with even more craziness. Here are a couple of gems:

    I am not going to apologize for the fact that I have superior gifts and devotion to the things of the Christian Religion and the Protestant Reformation than you Sean. You are envious of me and I understand. You are a fool and have no admiration for superiors because you believe in Marxist universal equality.

    If I was a cult leader, I would keep the deeper things of what I am learning secret so that no other person could surpass me; giving me leverage over other people. But that is not what I do. I spend many hours a week helping the common people understand these things so that they can escape soul destroying errors. That is why I get so many regular donations.

    I’m guessing Ryan Hedrich must be a contributor because he has nothing but high praise for this confused young man:

    To add, I admire the gifts of Ryan Hedrich. I think he has superior gifts to mine and, if you think you have your hands full with me, when is my age you are really going to have a problem. This is why I have frequently promoted his gifts and station above my own. Buy the truth and sell it not Sean.

    And he ends with this delusional rant:

    And I dare you to provide a single proof that I am teaching new doctrines. Search long and hard in my Systematic Theology, my blog or my proposed Church’s beliefs and you will find no new or foreign doctrines.

    I agree there are no new doctrines in Drake, just old Christ denying subordination heresies that he has resurrected and wrapped with a racist bow. Of course, his “proposed Church” is the only one that will have him as he already told us that he was thrown out of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. in Louisville. If it’s the ARP church in Midlane Park I’m confident Shelton was never a member and not for the reason he gave (i.e., that he was “challenging their Sabellianism”), but because one of their elders is black. Actually, if God ever grants Drake repentance and he comes to faith in the one true Lord and God Jesus Christ that he seek membership there. Could you imagine anything more beautiful than seeing a once vile and delusional racist in submission to a black Elder?

  3. Hugh Says:


    Sean, Honestly – WHY are you wasting your time (and mine) with this spiritual Klansman?

    I, for one, need not go to read of his heresy, nor do I have any interest in tasting his “Kool Aid,” as you put it.

    Sean, I advise you to drop all this and even consider taking down these two posts. They merely connect people to D.S.’s lurid, wicked rants.

    St Paul saith, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.” {Romans 16:17ff}

    We are to mark (watch out for [ESV]; note, beware of) and avoid and be simple concerning (innocent [ESV]; naive, know little of?) the likes of D.S. and his damnable σκυβαλα.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Keep guessing. When you get around to addressing my Trinitarian arguments, I’ll be waiting.

  5. Sean Gerety Says:

    I appreciate your concern Hugh, and believe me I would have nothing to do with Shelton’s damnable σκυβαλα had he not had such a disturbing effect on people like Hedrich and others even to the point where these men are willing to abandon Christ’s essential divinity for some re-fried subordinationist heresy even Unitarianism.

  6. Steve M Says:

    Don’t you mean your anti-Trinitarian arguments?

  7. Ryan Says:

    Steve, you too can feel free to think Alexander of Alexandria, Novatian, Athanasius, etc. don’t represent Trinitarianism, and you too can feel free to ignore the arguments I’ve made, but I meant what I said.

  8. Jordan Says:

    Hi Sean,

    I am a Reformed Baptist and really appreciate the work you have written on these issues about Drake Shelton. Although I find him to be hateful, I have read some of the things he has written about the Eastern Orthodox Church on his site. I do tend to agree with him that their view of the atoning work of Christ dangerously falls into Gnostic territory. As far as this, though, I disagree with him on a number of other issues. Could you please provide your input of the Orthodox’s view of atonement, because I find it to be very similar to to Gustaf Aulen’s which is nowhere close to how the Bible describes Christ’s work on the Cross. Thanks!

  9. Hugh McCann Says:


    Richard Bennett’s Berean Beacon has a number of articles on ostensible (to say nothing of ostentatious) “Orthodoxy.”

    See these @

    Serbian Perspective on Eastern Orthodoxy
    An Introduction to the 7 Sacred Mysteries of Orthodoxy
    Orthodoxy Denies the Certainty of Biblical Salvation in Christ

    Testimony of Former Ukrainian Orthodox Priest
    Eastern Orthodoxy In Light of the Scriptures

    Danger to Christians of Eastern Orthodoxy
    Eastern Orthodoxy The Mystical Trap
    Orthodox Baptism and Biblical Salvation
    The Influential Nature of Orthodoxy Endangers Christians

    Problems in Eastern Orthodoxy>/b>
    Icons Visions of a Spiritual World
    Orthodox Bishops High Priests
    The Orthodox Eucharist Is not the Lords Supper
    The Seven Pillars of Orthodoxy


  10. Hugh McCann Says:


    Through Western Eyes: Eastern Orthodoxy A Reformed Perspective

  11. Erick Nieves Says:

    I remember dealing with this guy a long time ago and warning others. Thanks for taking some time to expose him. He’s puffed up full and needs an outlet, that’s why he writes so much. Now perhaps when people do a search for him online this stuff will pop up as well.

  12. Scott Says:

    Definitely off the wall.

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