The Verdict Is In

The false gospel of the Federal Vision is now an acceptable and protected expression of faith in the PCA.

No longer does one have to be an Evangelical in order to be a preacher and a teacher in the PCA.   As Lane Keister put it on his blog:

To say that I am disappointed in the decision would be a gross understatement. Aghast is more appropriate here. We are not talking about narrow Reformed versus broad Reformed. We are talking about evangelicalism versus what amounts to Roman Catholic teaching. At this point, it will not matter if the SJC decides to try to distance itself from Leithart’s theology. They will have allowed his theology to exist.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to say on this matter, but for now I think Lane has said it all.

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14 Comments on “The Verdict Is In”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Having had to file a complaint in the past with my former presbytery, I can affirm that political agendas trump the truth. There were so many violations and manipulations of the Book of Church Order in handling my complaint, almost a complete abandonment of due process, that I am not at all surprised by the outcome of this complaint.

    One good thing out of all of this is that this decision forces many pastors and elders to examine their conscience before God. It seems that every means has been exhausted to rid the denomination of this false doctrine and every means has failed. The leadership has chosen to embrace and promote this false doctrine and bring shipwreck to the denomination. Now it’s a choice of abandoning a sinking ship or going down with it.

    The church groans and the world scorns.

  2. Sean Gerety Says:

    Well said Lauren.

  3. Hugh McCann Says:

    No bout adoubt it – the PCA’s done for.

    So, again, to Sean’s question, Can The PCA Be Saved? is, “No.”

  4. Jake Says:

    You guys are more committe to a “particular” interpretation of the Westminster confession than you are to Holy Scripture itself. Shame on you guys for your idolatry. I hope God forgives you. Glad to see the PCA is embracing all of what scripture teaches on justification and not just bits and pieces.

  5. Jake Says:

    Hugh are you drunk, or are you always tj

  6. Jake Says:

    This rude and obnoxious?

  7. Sean Gerety Says:

    Glad to see the PCA is embracing all of what scripture teaches on justification and not just bits and pieces.

    And this from a man who has embraced the cult of Romanism and is well on his way to formalizing his rejection of the Christian faith by bowing in submission to the papacy. Believe it or not, your comments are actually helpful here Jake. You make my point perfectly. 🙂

  8. Hugh McCann Says:


    I own my obnoxiousness – can’t attribute it to wine. I hate the papacy and its lies.

    I have drunk too deeply at the fetid wellspring of dogmatism,

    worshipped too long before the Westminster shrine and

    kissed my G.H. Clark icon too long, but,

    I’d wagger your damned.

  9. LJ Says:

    Hugh at his contumelious, vituperative, opprobrius best 🙂

    It has to be the wine!


  10. Hugh McCann Says:

    Ha ha, LJ.
    My best, or, my worst. 😡

  11. LJ Says:

    I recall an essay by John Robbins titled something like “Pusillanimous Christians” where he lambasted contemporary Christians for their unwillingness to call out a false teacher and mealy-mouth around about heresy. Well, I don’t think anyone will accuse you, or anyone that comments on this blog, of being a Pusillanimous Christian!

    I’ve often been struck by the willingness of the Reformers to call a spade a spade. They didn’t mince words, and why would they, since their very lives were on the line?

    Personally I like the term “polecat” and wish you’d work that into your vocabulary 😉


  12. Hugh McCann Says:

    Problem with them, LJ, is that they sometimes are just so darned cute! But they’re always weasels or skunks.

  13. Lauren Says:

    I wish the PCA had made its judgments based on Scripture – the final authority – not the secondary source of the WCF that is wide open to anyone’s interpretation. Leithart’s views along with the whole bunch would never stand up to Scripture. That’s what got the denomination into this mess. Take away the primary source of authority, and that gives room for every man to do what is right in his own eyes.

  14. LJ Says:

    Hugh: “… they sometimes are just so darned cute!”

    Yeah, Leithart is a cutie, LOL!!!!

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