Last Hurrah

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Therefore, the undersigned complains that Pacific Northwest Presbytery acted unconstitutionally on April 27, 2012 in denying the October 18, 2011 complaint of RE Wesley Witt versus Pacific Northwest Presbytery, in their adopting the report of the court’s Standing Judicial Commission on October 7, 2011. This egregious and unconstitutional error permits TE Peter Leithart, who is flagrantly out of accord with the Westminster Standards, to teach and publish his false doctrines with impunity. We further complain that this action of PNWP undermines the Westminster Standards and the system of doctrine taught in the Scripture.

Read the preceding here.

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16 Comments on “Last Hurrah”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Seems like FV opponents are beating a dead horse in trying to resolve this through the church courts.

  2. Sean Gerety Says:

    If nothing else it will embarrass the theological incompetents on the SJC who have brought untold shame on the denomination and the name of Christ.

  3. So this complaint was sent a year ago?

  4. Howard Donahoe Says:

    The 722-page Record of the Case, including the 400 page trial transcript and the original Compliant, can be found via the Dropbox link below. It also has the 10-page pre-Hearing Briefs from the Complainant and the Presbytery, as well as the SJC Decision in the Case.

    I assume the author of this blog has read all these documents.

  5. Church councils can and do err. The Standing Judicial Committee, the Pacific Northwest Presbytery, and the Missouri Presbytery are just more proof of this.

  6. locirari Says:

    @ Howard:

    I assume the author of this blog has read all these documents.

    Did you get that Sean? You’ve got to read every syllable so you’ll know what a staunch confessional body we have in the PNWP of the PCA! 😉

  7. Lauren Says:

    The title of your blog post inspired me:

  8. Sean Gerety Says:

    “Howie” here is a great example of what is wrong with the PCA and why it is impotent in defending the truth of the Gospel against works righteousness and the FV.

    For those unfamiliar, “Howie” Donahue is the State Clerk of the PNWP and along with Robert Rayburn was part of Leithart’s defense team.

    Also, if you’re not interested in sifting through all of Howie’s trial documents, you can read a very revealing exchange between Howie and Lane Keister here:

  9. LJ Says:

    I have been reading, to the best of my ability, the record of the Kinnaird trial, here

    I would dub it “Excedrin headache #4,333.”

    I intend to read further when I’m able, when my eyes uncross. In the meantime may I ask, Is it the opinion of the faithful participants of this blog, and Sean in particular, that RE Kinnaird can continue in leadership? Is he in fact still an elder? I have read little of this beyond the Trinity Review and am probably not currently informed.


  10. Sean Gerety Says:

    You should read Elliot’s Christianity & Neo-Liberalism ( It tells the story and without the need for any aspirin.

    Here’s a review:

    I recall reading something by R.S.Clark that Kinnaird not only never repented but remained vigilantly committed to Norm Shepherd’s system.

  11. LJ Says:

    Thanks, Sean. To your knowledge is Kinnaird still a RE in the OPC?

    I have Elliot’s book but haven’t read it; now I will. Anything is better than reading that disjointed trial transcript.

    Over n out from the Left Coast,


  12. David Reece Says:

    Everybody talks about how there aren’t any churches that are Orthodox, but nobody does anything about it.

    This isn’t the weather people.

    Lets start a denomination. Scripturalists need to preach, gather the saints, start forming assemblies, then organizing those assemblies into fully functioning churches. Where two or three are gathered together in Christ’s name a church exists. A church doesn’t need officers to be a church, but Scripture tells us to appoint officers in the churches. Lets get to work developing Scripturalist churches. God commands us to seek to form assemblies and to appoint officers. So, lets form assemblies and over time lets elect and ordain officers.

    I’m meeting every Sunday with my household and a few other individuals. Its a start.

    If you live in or near Phoenix, Arizona come and check us out. Together we can do more than we can do apart.

    dcreece at gmail dot com

    If you want a church like this:

    Then please, lets form one.

  13. David Reece Says:


    Yes, to my knowledge he is still an officer. last I heard was two years ago from an OPC elder.

  14. LJ Says:

    @ David Reece: Thanks, David, I’m just about done reading Neo-Liberalism. What a sorry tale.

    Here’s the problem for me. First, I’ve got to go to church, I want to go to church … somewhere. That’s a non-negotiable i think? Of all the reformed churches in the LA area, the one I attend is BY FAR BETTER than all the others combined. The Pastor is solidly reformed and NOT Van Tilian. The Session is also pretty sound allowing that there may be some FV infection lurking in its bloodstream (but it’s not aggressive or anything near apparent at this time). I’ve got my radar fine tuned to any creeping FV that might start rearing its ugly head and I will be on it like white on rice if it occurs. The Pastor might almost be called a Clarkian, almost. He is a full subscriptionist and there’s no game playing with the historic reformed vocabulary that the FVer’s are prone to do. I think he is probably one of the best TE’s not only in the OPC, PCA, but in America, period. Come and hear! He’s teaching through Romans right now and we’d love to have you visit next time you’re in Shaky Town. There is NO, repeat, NO Federal Vision stuff coming from the pulpit in the least.

    We are, however, in the OPC. I don’t particularly like it but this is where I am and I’m not capable of starting another church even if I wanted to and I don’t want to. If I accept the call and get elected to leadership I might then be motivated to pursue something, but till then I don’t see any options. There are several men in the congregation, some in leadership and some not yet in leadership that are full blown Clarkians (we’re finishing up going through What do Presb Believe, cover to cover, in our little group). Yes, I know there are some Van Tilians in the congregational lump – but they don’t have any more influence than we do. They’re mainly on the defensive and not on the offensive. In fact, come to think of it they don’t have much influence at all. And even among the VT’s I don’t know of anyone that could be considered a full blown aggressive FV, at least not consciously or conspicuously. I will allow that maybe some of that leaven has permeated the loaf – that’s a possibility. We’re watching, watching, watching …

    At any rate that’s the best this Christian can do at this point in my walk. Here I stand, for now at least, I can do no other.


  15. Lauren Says:

    Just remember, the Federal Vision infection does not just lurk – it destroys and here is why:
    This will probably ruffle a few feathers.

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