The New Logic Classroom

TLC-logoElihu Carranza has redone his excellent website, The Logic Classroom.  Check it out. 

“In conclusion, the student should remember, for the rest of his life, that if he is logical, he will never go wrong — unless he starts with false premises. Logic will not guarantee the truth of the premises, but without logic no progress is possible.” (Gordon H. Clark, Logic, The Trinity Foundation, 1985, p. 116.)

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6 Comments on “The New Logic Classroom”

  1. Ken Sweet Says:

    Logic….What for…I’m a Christian!

  2. justbybelief Says:

    From the logic classroom

    Some men are not Christian.

  3. Pemilik Says:

    Thanks Sean!

  4. Pemilik Says:

    I read that Dr. Carranza has graciously provided a free copy of his book Logic Primer. This can be downloaded from here:

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