RIP Robert Reymond

robertreymondI have never met Dr. Reymond, but loved and admired him very much. His systematic theology is a joy to read. His handling of the problem of evil is outstanding and his fleshing out of Clark’s argument alone is worth the price of the book. The whole work is a masterpiece and deserves to be studied and taught in every seminary calling itself Reformed.

The Aquila Report has provided some links to some of Dr. Reymond’s sermons and lectures along with a list of his published books. You can find his book, The Justification of Knowledge, for free in pdf format here.

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10 Comments on “RIP Robert Reymond”

  1. LJ Says:

    And so passes the last decent theologian of our day. I had the pleasure and honor of conversing with him a couple of times. He was kind, humble, and so approachable for a man of his distinction.


  2. Cameron Porter Says:

    Sad news for many, including those of us greatly impacted by his work – especially his systematic theology. A great thing for him though, as he is now with the exalted Savior. I spoke with him briefly at a conference down in Florida, in 2005, where he was speaking at the Reformed Baptist church in Coconut Grove on Theology Proper. His presentation was intellectual and doxological, and his personality very friendly.

  3. Ron Says:

    Great man.

    My wife bought me JoK on Christmas several years ago. Glad to see there is a link for it.

  4. Pht Says:

    He will be missed… May his works continue to be a blessing for future generations.

    May God bless his family and send them others to come alongside in their time of grief.

  5. Stephen Welch Says:

    Sean, this is truly a sad day for the church and those who loved him and his ministry, but it is a great day for him. He will be truly missed. I had the honor of sitting under Dr. Reymond’s teaching when I was a student at the old Knox Seminary. His Systematic Theology is one of the best and I still use it in my own ministry. I learned about Gordon Clark from Dr. Reymond, which is ironic considering that the seminary followed an evidentialist view of apologetics. Thank you for the link to his book Justification of Knowledge. I do not have that book and it has been out of print for years. Let us commit ourselves to praying that the Lord would raise up a new generation of men like Robert Reymond.

  6. David Reece Says:

    I have never spoken with the man, but I have read much of his work, and I considered going to study under him, but found that he had already resigned from Knox. I am sad to lose such a rare and valuable servant to our King. I am happy for him that he has entered into his reward. I am sad for his family, friends, and for those of us who have benefited from his work.

  7. Stephen Welch Says:

    David, I am sorry that you did not get the opportunity to sit under his teaching. His resignation from Knox was a very difficult time. Knox Seminary will never be what it was when Robert Reymond, Dr. Kennedy and the former faculty were there.

  8. jrs Says:

    The chapter entitled Paradox as a Hermeneutical Category alone makes his Systematic Theology worth the price. Dr. Reymond and his tidy theological mind will be missed but hasn’t it been a wonderful gift that the Church has been so blessed by him (and will continue to be so through his many writings)?

  9. Jon Says:

    C. S. Lewis used the evidentialist approach. People simply refer to it as the argument by reason. I thinik he liked Aquinas.

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