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“If regeneration were a reward for a previous act of faith by our Arminian free will, God could not know ahead of time whom he could save.  The Arminians say God could look ahead and see who would freely accept Christ.  But if this “looking ahead” were accurate, and unchangeable, the man’s will would not be free.  Some factor in the dim distant past would have had to determine the will so that it could not change.  If it was not God who determined the act of faith, then there must be some power beyond God’s control that did so. For reasons such as these Paul wrote ‘God chose you from the beginning.'”  –  Clark’s commentary on First and Second Thessalonians

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One Comment on “Clark Quick Quote”

  1. Steve M Says:

    Jehovah’s witnesses recognize that if God foresees an event, it must come to pass, therefore, they take the position that “Jehovah” limits his knowledge of future events. They maintain that Jehovah did not know that Judas would betray Christ. If Jehovah knew that Judas would betray Christ and still recommended him as an apostle, he would share in the sin of Judas.
    As illogical as the JW position is, at least they recognize that foreknowledge implies foreordination. In a way it is more honest than the Arminian stance.

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