The Clark/Van Til Controversy

Benjamin Wong did an outstanding job transcribing the Text of the Complaint leveled against Gordon Clark by C. Van Til and other professors at Westminster Theological Seminary in the 1940’s along with the Answer to this complaint by Clark and some of his supporters.  You can find the transcripts online at Benjamin’s site: The Complaint, The Answer.  I have also provided Word copies in the sidebar on this blog.

For those even with a passing interest in either Clark or Van Til and has ever wondered what the whole hubbub is about, it’s time to get up to speed.

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3 Comments on “The Clark/Van Til Controversy”

  1. Steve M Says:

    Thank you Benjamin

  2. hiram Says:

    Thank you, Sean.

  3. Pht Says:

    *Eyeballs the now easily unwrapped HTML text ….*

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