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Tears of a Snake

February 19, 2019
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Periodically I like to listen to podcasts when traveling on business or at the gym. Recently I came across a number of excellent podcasts by Tim Shaughnessy and Carlos Montijo at the Thorn and Crown Ministries website. On the site, you’ll also find podcasts by Timothy Kaufman, Steve Mathews, and Patrick Hines. I highly recommend you check them all out. From there I have listened to other podcasts by Patrick Hines on Sermon Audio. While at the gym yesterday I listened to Hines as he painstakingly went through an entire John Piper sermon on justification while providing rolling commentary. Aside from the fact that Piper very clearly and without any equivocation preaches a false gospel, what really struck me is how absolutely atrocious Piper is as a preacher. He is simply torturous to listen to.

I have clearly been blessed to have never listened to Piper preach before.  Admittedly, I have suffered through a few of his articles over the years along with reading his flowery The Pleasures of God and positively heretical Future Grace, but I had no idea he was so painful to listen to.  I’m sure it’s just me, but I have no idea why this man is such a popular speaker and preacher? He is inauthentic and his delivery, which is clearly contrived and orchestrated to deceive, ranks with the crassest televangelist.  I am actually irritated that I had to listen to him in order to get to Hines’ commentary. The fact that Piper believes that justification by faith alone is not enough to get a person into heaven but instead only puts them in a “right position” with God makes him a snake.  

If you’re in the mood for real pain, both aesthetically and theologically, check out Hines’ podcast in two parts below (*if you want to save yourself some suffering and just get to the meat of Piper’s errant theology and false gospel, I recommend skipping ahead to Part 2):

John Piper Response – Part 1

John Piper Response – Part 2

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