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Pervert Pastor Makes Vice News

September 29, 2021

The cult leader of a mock “Christian” church, Doug Wilson, has been featured in a new exposé at Vice. You can read it here. Some of what is uncovered might be new to readers of God’s Hammer, although everyone by now should be familiar with Wilson’s critical departures from the historic Christian faith, even justification by belief alone. Admittedly, sites like mine exposing the theological perversions of Wilson are pretty limited in their scope. However, for those who have spent time at some of the other sites linked on my sidebar, some of the more tawdry practices of Wilson’s “Kirk” (as he and his fellow cultist call their church), have been covered in graphic detail over at the Foedero Schism. But even there Wilson’s exposure was relegated to a relatively narrow readership. So, it’s encouraging to see that the more scandalous, if not salacious, aspects of Wilson’s cult have finally spilled over to the secular press and deservedly so.

And, for those silly enough to claim Wilson has repented of his Federal Vision heresy and that I’m a nasty guy for continuing to attack the boob, please save yourself the time and don’t comment. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, Wilson has never repented of anything and was just concerned that the label –“Federal Vision” — was preventing Reformed suckers from sending their wide-eyed cherubs to Wilson’s cult academy, New Saint Andrews College. But, don’t take my word for it, see Scott Clark’s Heidelblog where he writes:

In the “No Mas” post he qualifies how he [Wilson] wants to affirm the Federal Vision but this is what he has always done. He has always suggested that almost no one outside the FV movement really understands its complexities. This, of course, is what the Remonstrants said too. The confessional Reformed Churches, e.g., the URCNA, the OPC, the PCA, the RCUS and others spent considerable time reading and analyzing the Federal Visionists. They have produced surveys and drawn conclusions that are publicly available . . . .

Of course, this was always nothing but a rhetorical trick. The intended effect of the headline was to create the impression in the minds of the uninformed that his theology has substantially changed even as he affirms, in the body of the post, that it has not. He still affirms a conditional, temporary baptismal union with Christ that confers upon the baptized a temporary election, a temporary justification, a temporary adoption, and a temporary union with Christ. He still affirms that those who do not sufficiently cooperate will lose those temporary benefits. As he confesses, apostasy remains a “terrifying reality for many baptized Christians.” For Wilson and the rest of the Federal Visionists, it is not enough to acknowledge the greatness of our sin and misery, to trust in Christ alone for our complete salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, and seek to live under his gracious reign out of gratitude by daily seeking to put to death the old man and to be made alive in the new. The point of the Federal Vision theology, as with the Remonstrants, was to turn the covenant of grace into a covenant of works and to put the believer back under the law for his salvation.

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